Sensonor Technologies AS Sensonor Technologies AS Sensonor Technologies AS

Sensonor Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Gyro and Pressure products that provide global customers with innovative solutions to enhance their profits.

Enabling solutions
Sensonor Technologies makes a difference in the industrial sensor and transducer community by focusing on products based on MEMS technology, but for High Precision applications.

Their devotion is to serve customers with enabling solutions when the combination of size, performance and robustness matter. They offer products that can replace existing non efficient technology.

Outstanding reliability
Sensonor has for 25 years played a significant role in the global MEMS industry. Over the years, more than 200 million pressure sensors, more than 200 million accelerometers, and more than 2 million gyros have been shipped to customers for use in numerous type of applications. Less than 0.1ppm field failures are the ultimate proof of long term dedication and capability.

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