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(Data Acquisition Products)
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Public utilities are in a sorry state in many U.S. cities, no more so than in the water and wastewater sectors. Due to restricted spending and the "invisible" nature of the problems related to the...
(Process Controllers)
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Once a standard feature on personal computers, the RS232 serial port was one of the first used to connect data terminals to mainframe computers. It remained in widespread use for serial communications...
(Temperature Sensing)
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One of the greatest challenges for instrument engineers is dealing with the relatively low resistance of the device. This is because any stray resistance (in particular lead resistance) of RTD...
(RF, Microwave, and Wireless Components)
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There's increasing demand for low power long-range wireless devices to serve the needs of the emerging IIoT market. Collectively known as LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), the main players are Sigfox, LoRa,...