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Scrubbers are air pollution control devices that use liquid to remove particulate matter or gases from an industrial exhaust or flue gas stream. This atomized liquid (typically water) entrains particles and pollutant gases in order to effectively wash them out of the gas flow. In comparison to other air pollution control devices, scrubbers are very multidisciplinary, with the ability to remove solids, mists, and gases simultaneously while also providing cooling. They are also capable of handling explosive and flammable gases safely. However, scrubbers suffer from high levels of corrosion and produce slurry waste streams which are less convenient for recycling and disposal.

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All Shore Industries
ASI Displays is featuring two 7.84" panoramic Bar-type TFT module with IPS technology. ASI-T-7844128A8MN/D, with MIPI interface; perfect for high speed communication and ASI-T-7844128A8LN/D with LVDS which is more popular in larger size displays. Max luminance of 850 Nits; Contrast ratio of 900:1, operating with “all view” of 80/80/80/80.
Lumenera Corporation
The Lu372 single-board megapixel cameras offer a tethered board via a flex cable for variable mounting options.

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    Developments in sealed interconnect technology have enabled advancements in active on-machine interconnect systems, making Ethernet-based programmable logic controller (PLC) installation quicker and easier than ever before. Attendees will learn about new active control modules and connector technologies that make it possible.

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