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Linx Technologies

Designed for permanent attachment, PML Series half-wave whip antennas give outstanding performance in a rugged and cost-effective package. In addition, this is an ideal antenna with U.FL connector for pre-certified modules. Read more...

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A.H. Systems Inc.

A.H. Systems' designs, manufactures and delivers high performance Loop Antenna for a wide range of magnetic field testing. Whether used in a set to measure shielding effectiveness per MIL-STD 285 and NSA 65-6, or individually to satisfy specific requirements; this Loop Antenna is an efficient, low cost solution. Read more...

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Cobham Antennas Systems

Model HBSA-3.5DS/1955 (3.4-3.6GHz) equates to six conventional antennas thereby reducing installation costs. Dual slant-polarised Multi-Beam Hub Base Station Antenna projects six (15 degree) beams of each polarity over a 90 degree arc permitting substantially increased data throughput. Read more...

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Cobham Antennas Systems

Designed for Manned and Robotic Ground Vehicle data link applications, these rugged Omni antennas have been designed with built-in spring to safeguard operations should the vehicle be constricted for space. These small antennas have minimal physical impact and Single Band or Multi Stacked frequency options. Read more...

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