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  • Case Story-Oil Drilling Rig
    by DCN in France. PPL Shipyard in Singapore built the third rig, the Cajun Express. Each propulsion pod uses a Dellner disc brake to stop and hold the propeller when maintenance is needed. ./6a7b00ed-98fb-4a1c-b101-37566889bb60 CASE STORY. OIL DRILLING RIG. CUSTOMER. Transocean Sedco Forex Inc
  • Case Story- Oil Drilling Rig
    to hydraulic pressure intensifier system with a pressure increase ratio of 1:25. The brake system produces up to. 47 kNm (416,000 lbf-in) of braking torque. ./5707098e-4a5a-418d-9d88-e7cf060214fb CASE STORY. OIL DRILLING RIG. CUSTOMER. Transocean Sedco Forex Inc. BACKGROUND. APPLICATION
  • Parker Vane and Gold Cup Pumps "Walk" 25 Million Pound Land Oil Rigs into Position (.pdf)
    Columbia Industries LLC (Hillsboro, Oregon) was instrumental in pioneering the oil drilling rig transport industry in 1974 by putting heavy land rig modules on large axle systems. In 1982, the company introduced their mobile self-propelled wheel systems. Columbia's first "walking" system utilized
  • Case Story- Oil Rig
    was achieved. Later, the top drive system was adapted for land based drilling to offer the same low maintenance, high reliability, low operational cost plus being highly mobile and fully transportable between rigs. ./7bd310f0-6d60-4563-837e-87f4d2a06e96 CASE STORY. OIL RIG ”TOP DRIVE”. BACKGROUND
  • Offshore winch, Statoil
    manufacturer for the winches on all of these oil drilling rigs. ./9a5a84f8-308a-45ad-9cb1-9ed16eb80653 CASE STORY. OFFSHORE WINCH. END CUSTOMER. APPLICATION. Statoil, Norway. Each offshore oil drilling rig is equipped with 12 anchor. winches that compensate for the wave movements. acting
  • Oil Rig
    . ./71031a78-b015-4375-840c-c7c24c4c2db8 CASE STORY. OIL RIG ”TOP DRIVE”. BACKGROUND. APPLICATION. The top drive system was developed by Varco SystemsTM in. The brake is used to hold back torque in the drill string to. the early 1980’s for use in offshore drilling operations where. avoid motor stall and to assist with positioning
  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Offshore Drilling
    In the search for oil and natural gas under the ocean, three general types of drilling rigs are used. A â jackupâ drilling rig is a floating barge with drilling equipment on its deck and long support legs, and is used in shallow waters up to 300 feet (90 meters). A semi-submersible is the most
  • Particle Size Analysis for Drilling in Petroleum Industry (.pdf)
    strengths. Dr. D illing. n. g bi. b t. i. Figure 1 : Description of an oil rig. Risk: becoming stuck and losing the hole drilled. The use of Particle Size Analysis (PSA) for drilling in the petroleum industry. 10. Mud before drilling process. 9. Mud after drilling process. D. = 35 µm. mean. 8. Particle

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