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RCD Components, Inc.

A very simple business philosophy has been responsible for the rapid growth of RCD. It's called 'commitment'. Since their inception over 30 years ago, RCD's corporate energies have been channeled into the research, design, development, and production of components with uncompromising levels of quality.

RCD is committed to offering a broad line of standards and custom products at competitive prices, with the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to serve your particular requirements.


Other manufactures make claims about PPM quality levels as if they were proud of them. RCD believes that one defect is one too many. Their warranty is a simple one... whether they ship 10 or 10 million pieces, every single part should conform to spec. If you find any defects, they'll take back the entire lot!

Their 'ABZED'™ (Absolute Zero Defect) Continuous improvement Program is resulting in ever improved quality levels, via emphasis on total quality, just-in-time delivery, total preventive maintenance, employee involvement, and simplicity. At RCD, "zero defects" isn't a slogan, it's a state of mind.

RCD Components, Inc.
RCD Components, Inc.

Throughout each level of design, development, testing, and production, there is a sincere dedication to quality. Their resistors are designed to surpass MIL specifications, and are continuously monitored at various stages of the production cycle via SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques.

Continuous research is conducted towards the design of new and improved products. Keeping abreast of material and production developments. RCD has been able to achieve significant breakthroughs in pricing and performance.


Using highly advanced test equipment, their engineering group has probed extreme conditions to determine optimum materials, designs, and production techniques that will result in highest reliability

Their NH plant is geared to produce small-to-medium size orders. It comprises a capability for wirewound and film resistor production, custom surface mount resistors and networks, as well as inductors and temperature sensitive products. This plant houses their very specialized SWIFT™ department for production of urgent requirements.

RCD Components, Inc.
Large volume efficiency is attained at Japanese and Caribbean production plants, through a highly trained workforce of over 500 dedicated people. (some products are manufactured by affiliates.)

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