Plastic Peristaltic Pumps Datasheets

EV045 Bench Top Peristaltic Pump
from Clark Solutions

EV025 is a compact, low cost cased pump that provides variable speed/flow rate and has a “fast prime ” switch. The model accepts four different tube sizes. Controls: Direction switch. “Fast prime ” push button. Rotary speed control potentiometer. Pumphead: M025... [See More]

  • Tubing Material: Plastic
  • Tube Size: 0.157
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0159
  • Media Temperature: 428
Fixed Peristaltic Pump -- FPU2000 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The FPU2000 Series fixed pumps feed by an analog fixed 60 second timer. The pump can be on for 1 to 60 seconds. All FPU2000 Series have fixed speed outputs and can be adjusted by selecting the pumphead tube size and choosing the desired RPM (revolutions per minute). The FPUVS2000 and FPUDVS2000... [See More]

  • Tubing Material: Plastic; Norprene®
  • Discharge Pressure: 50.0 to 100.0
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0016 to 0.0660
  • Tube Size: 0.250 to 0.438
MityFlex® Peristaltic Pumps -- Model 1000
from Anko Products, Inc.

Variable speed, 0.4-230 ml/min, 115 VAC, plastic case w/flanges/rubber feet [See More]

  • Tubing Material: Plastic; Nylon or UMHW PP Rollers
  • Tube Size: 0.250
  • Liquid Flow: 0.0608
  • Power Source: AC; 115Single