Vacuum Shelf Dryers
from Buflovak LLC

Description. Available in two configurations - square (rectangular) and round. Highly effective for batch drying a wide variety of materials that require uniform, low-temperature drying without agitation. Material is dried in pans or perforated trays placed on heated shelves of dryer. Steam or other... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Steam
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Fibers / Flakes
  • Equipment Type: Vacuum Dryer; Shelf Dryer
  • Dryer Size / Materials of Construction: Dryers can be Configured in Standard or Customized Sizes
DriTech™ Dryer
from Despatch Industries

The new Despatch DriTechTM Dryer introduces a unique hybrid heating. technology for the next generation in metallization drying performance. The dryer is designed to decouple the VOC removal and binder burn-of. for a more efcient drying process. A centrally located point-of-generation. thermal... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Direct / Convection; Hybrid Heating Technology
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Pastes
  • Equipment Type: Belt Conveyor Dryer
  • Temperature: 752
Stirred Freeze Dryer
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Customizable, stirred freeze dryer, super fast drying, nonstop drying cycle [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Freeze Dryer
  • Secondary Capability: Cooling / Freezing
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Solutions / Liquids; Foods / Grains
12 Port Dry Ice Drying Chamber -- 7522700
from Labconco Corporation

For the laboratory with occasional lyophilization requirements, the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System provides a simple, economical means of freeze-drying. Since dry ice cools alcohol or other heat transfersolutions to approximately 75 degrees C or -103 degrees F, the Dry IceBenchtop Freeze Dry... [See More]

  • Heat Source: UV Light
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Solutions / Liquids
  • Equipment Type: Freeze Dryer
  • Temperature: -157
Conical Dryer -- Type DB
from MPE Group USA Inc.

Infinitely adjustable drive, vapor filter, solvent recovery, vacuum [See More]

  • Heat Source: Thermal Oil / Fluid (optional feature); Indirect / Contact / Conduction; Steam (optional feature); Thermal/Oil Fluid
  • Applications / Materials Handled: Free Flowing Powders / Granules; Fibers / Flakes (optional feature); Pastes; Slurries (optional feature); Abrasives / Ceramics; Adhesives / Curing; Chemicals / Fertilizers; Foods / Grains; Metallurgical; Mining / Ores / Minerals; Suitable for drying paints or coatings; Pharmaceutical; Polymers / Molding; Power / Coal and Coke; Sanitary
  • Equipment Type: Vacuum Dryer; Conical / Tumbler Dryer; Orbital Screw Arm
  • Secondary Capability: Agglomeration / Granulation; Coating (optional feature); Cooling / Freezing (optional feature); Crystallization; Moisturizing / Humidification