Multimode Optical Feedthroughs Datasheets

Fiber Optic Pressure Seals -- FOPS-2000
from Columbia Research Labs, Inc.

Fiber Optic Pressure Seals are designed to provide a safe, convenient, reliable method of exiting fiber optic data lines through a structure while preserving the integrity of either a pressure or vacuum environment. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic; Multimode
  • Temperature Range: 10 to 80
  • Mounting Diameter: 1.38
  • Attenuation: -6
Fiber Optic Feedthrough
from CeramOptec Industries, Inc.

CeramOptec's pressure and vacuum feedthroughs offer exceptional reliability and smooth operation for. even the most demanding applications. Manufactured to your specifications, our vacuum feedthroughs are available in unlimited cell, flange, and port designs and are ideal for a wide range of... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic; Multimode
  • Vacuum Rating: 1.00E-7
  • Mounting Diameter: 0.3750
  • Temperature Range: 175 to 250
Fiber Optic Feedthrough Series -- PFT
from Fiberguide Industries, Inc.

Fiberguide Industries offers a variety of Vacuum and Pressure Feedthroughs to meet the most demanding applications. In addition to our successful pigtailed version, we included a unique design, where the optical fibers can be disconnected at the feedthrough on both the vacuum and atmospheric sides. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Type: Optical / Fiber Optic; Single Mode (optional feature); Multimode (optional feature)
  • Temperature Range: ? to 175
  • Mounting Diameter: 0.8400
  • Attenuation: -2