Automatic Water Softeners Datasheets

CvFT-ALT Series Water Softener -- CvFT-120 ALT
from Res-Kem LLC

CvFT-ALT-Series Water Softeners. Res-Kem's CvFT-ALT Series water softeners are dual tank, meter demand systems designed for commercial and light industrial small boiler applications. These units provide continuous soft water 24 hours per day automatically. The only operator attention needed is to... [See More]

  • Backwash Operation: Automatic; Metered Regeneration
  • Operating Flow Rates: 14
  • Market: Industrial
  • Peak Flow Rate: 28
1 1/2 in. Commercial Water Softener - CWS150 Series
from Watts

Watts CWS150 water softening systems are highly efficient cation exchange type water softeners. They are suitable for commercial applications ranging from 40,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal and flow rates up to 68 (257 lpm) gallons per minute. Regeneration is meter demand initiated. All... [See More]

  • Backwash Operation: Automatic
  • Operating Flow Rates: 60
  • Market: Other; Commercial
  • Peak Flow Rate: 68