CPU Controlled / Computer Programmable Noise Generators and Sources Datasheets

Sound Pressure Source -- FP121
from Scantek, Inc.

The AP601 comprises a White and Pink noise generator and a power amplifier. The AP601 has been especially designed to generate the signal to be reproduced by the BP012. Thanks to its design it can be used as a noise generator + amplifier, just as a noise generator or just as an amplifier. It also... [See More]

  • User Interface: CPU Controlled
  • Minimum: 5.00E-6
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Maximum: 0.0050
Waveform Generator -- Model 2411A/2411B
from TEGAM, Inc.

WaveWorks Pro+ ™ software available for custom applications [See More]

  • User Interface: CPU Controlled
  • Minimum: 1.00E-7
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Maximum: 2