National Bronze & Metals Inc.


  • INDUSTRIAL: Glass Making Molds, Rolls for Making Plate Glass, Parts Requiring High Thermal Conductivity, Corrosion and Scaling Resistant Parts
  • MARINE: Marine Hardware

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Ambrell has seen elevated business from companies in the forging industry thanks to a robust expanded line of induction heating systems and induction's benefits when compared to furnace heating Read more...

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Carlton-Bates Company


Manufacturer #E987N

CBC #: 03448106683

Product Description: Square Boxes: Box Type - Square PVC Box; Length - 4"; Width - 4"; Depth - 4"; Additional Information - Nema Ratings: 4/4X, 6P Read more...

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Altech Corp.

New Stainless Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs from Altech. Altech has a full line Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs (Cord Grips) used to seal cable entries, keep contaminants from entering enclosures, provide strain relief and thus reduce stress on components and termination points inside enclosures. Read more...

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Ellsworth Adhesives

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing manufacturing environment, cost is the
main concern among many company executives, inventory being one of the major
concerns. Ellsworth Adhesives has developed a web-based inventory management program that is customized to fit each customer’s individual needs called ePlus. Read more...

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General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

LAST-A-FOAM® R-9300 Continuous Insulation Blocks are designed to support heavy and structural loads while maintaining thermal control throughout building interiors and exteriors. Read more...

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From single loop with one output to multiple-loop with 9 outputs and microprocessor-based PID control, Chromalox offers precisely the required level of simplicity or sophistication.

Advanced models feature heating and/or cooling control modes, graphical / text LCD display, multiple alarm protection, programmable event outputs, customizable setup, enhanced profiling with data loggi... Read more...

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SPIROL International Corporation

Specifying SPIROL Solid Pins provides the lowest cost and the most responsive delivery. Spirol® Knurled Pins, Drive Studs, Helical Grooved Pins, Twist-Lok™ Pins, and Latch Pins. Standard materials have been selected to meet the requirements of ASME and ISO product standards and to cover a range of requirements as dictated by the market. Read more...

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Gopher Electronics Company

Thermal circuit protectors utilize a bimetallic strip electrically in
series with the circuit. The heat generated by the current during an overload
deforms the bimetallic strip and trips the breaker. Thermal protectors have a
significant advantage over fuses in that they can be reset after tripping. Read more...

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SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring

SlipNOT stainless steel solutions are customized to specifications and utilized for countless applications. In the food industry specifically; catwalks, cross-overs, stair treads, ladders and work platforms, among others. Read more...

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