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Products and materials used in mechanical assembly, and non-destructive test procedures to detect problems.

JETSEAL’s V-Seals are an effective metallic seal and are suited for critical, low leakage applications. We are able to engineer the optimum seal characteristics by adjusting the thickness at the cross section. Precision machined or roll-formed, V-Seals can be custom designed for high clamping force loads and hard cavity metals or low clamping force loads and soft cavity metals like... Read more...

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As an alternative to packing materials Mechanical Seals can compensate for shaft width, axial/radial end play, vibration & wearing of the sealing faces in pump applications. They are available In both Single and Multi Spring variations. See typical configurations in this video Read more...

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Can-Do National Tape

Can-Do National Tape has a broad range of die-cutting capabilities for a variety of adhesive materials. These materials can include fabrics, foils, foams, and other substrates with or without adhesive backing. Read more...

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E-Seals are designed for low to moderate force conditions and high spring back. JETSEAL manufactures two standard types of metal E-Seals, the JE series and JH series. We offer E-Seals capable of sealing both liquids and gases in almost any diameter and in single or two-ply cross section. E-Seals are also available as Multi-Convolution Seals. Read more...

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APM Hexseal Corp.

APM Hexseal's lever-actuated circuit breaker boots are designed to protect these critical devices, extending breaker life-spans and in turn helping to ensure long-term security for the system as a whole.

Made from APM Hexseal's specially formulated transparent RUBRGLAS®, these boots allow for easy device operation and status recognition while main... Read more...

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JETSEAL's Super C-Seals can be used in any application designed for the C-Seal where enhanced springback is needed. This one-piece design combines greatly increased springback with higher load for tighter sealing. Read more...

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Precision Associates Incorporated

Precision Associates (PAI) produces O-rings and custom rubber components in USP VI, biomedical, and some implantable grade materials. Polymer types include silicone, EPDM, Viton®, and FFKM. Parts manufactured within the clean room are suitable for use in equipment or devices requiring contact with pharmaceuticals, humans or animals, and body fluids

Precision Associates...

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Preferred Plastics, Inc.

Our seals are used in the automotive, construction, plumbing, and household appliance industries. Some of the seals we extrude are:

  • Automotive seals and gaskets
  • Appliance seals
  • Door seals
  • Dual durometer seals
  • Co-extruded seals
  • Weather strips
  • Modular wall systems

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APM Hexseal Corp.

Initially for the Military -- Subsequently for the Industrial & Commercial Markets

APM Hexseal has developed an extensive line of standard silicone sealing boots that mate with the vast majority of electromechanical switches and circuit breakers being used throughout the world today. The tough yet pliable Hexseal® and E-Seel® silicone rubber... Read more...

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Web Seal Inc.

Parker’s unique Press-in-Place (PiP) design uses precision-cut nibs on a seal’s inside or outside diameter to provide maximum sealing surface while reducing upfront tooling costs and providing ease of installation. These extruded seals from Parker TechSeal have custom surface tips that offer better seal retention than standard static face seals and are typically easier to ins... Read more...

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