UE Systems, Inc.

Using the RCM process of determining failure modes, Part 2 breaks down the lubrication program failures that are common in most operating plants so that, once understood, they can be eliminated from the plant environment. Read more...

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M.S. Kennedy Corp.

CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions and M.S. Kennedy, a leader in high-temperature and extreme environment modules, jointly announce today they have signed a long-term collaboration agreement to develop high-reliability (HiRel) and high-temperature electronic modules. Read more...

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ProMation Engineering, Inc.

ProMation actuators equipped with torque switches protect the gear train, motor, and controlled equipment from damage when high torque conditions exist.

The unit in the photo is an electric actuator with torque switch mounted to a control valve for a water tower. It has been in service for approximately 2 1/2 years.

  • Powerful - for load req...

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Jewell Instruments, LLC

26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications
Messe München, November 11 - 14, 2014

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ITT Enidine Inc.

ITT Enidine provides quality energy absorption and vibration isolation products and services to a variety of heavy industries throughout the globe. These industries include; steel and aluminum rolling mills, manufacturers of mill equipment, gantry cranes, ship to shore cranes, overhead bridge crane manufacturers and automated stacker cranes. ITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of h... Read more...

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E-Drive Design, Inc.

Choose heavy steel walled E-Drive actuators and add to them the motor/drive of your choice. Built with high capacity precision ball screws and featuring rugged pistons with a pair of opposing keys for anti-rotation. Qualtiy product with superior customer service. Read more...

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Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Joyce/Dayton Solar Actuators are designed to precisely position smaller solar tracking Equipment. Their robust and efficient DC motor (24V or 36V) keeps power consumption to a minimum. Travel speeds remain nearly constant regardless of the load. These units are competitively priced and easy to install. Worth a second look! Read more...

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ITT Compact Automation

The GS series guided slides are identical to the guided cylinders with the exception of the cylinders body. The GC3000 and GC4000 series compact air cylinders are designed to be space and cost efficient as they bridge the gap between ball bearing slides and zero load bearing non-rotating cylinders.


• Slim compact Design

• High load capacity, long...

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SKF/North America

SKF announced the availability of its specialized bearing solutions for sub-sea screw pumps, to help enable oil extraction as low as 3,000 meters in a single-step process. Sub-sea screw pumps operate in extreme conditions and test the performance limits of standard steel bearings, journal bearings and magnetic bearings. Read more...

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