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The OTS™ (Over-The-Shaft) rotary union is custom-designed for machinery that requires cooling on the drive side of driven rolls and for rolls that cannot accept an axially-mounted rotary union. This rotary union is available with a tungsten-carbide mechanical seal or DuraSeal™ technology. Read more...

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Convergence Instruments

The Vibration Sentry E series of vibration meter data logger is ideal to monitor shipments in transit and record adverse events such as shocks, high vibration levels and/or tilt. installation setup wizard is provided to automatically and effortlessly setup the instrument for shipping applications. Read more...

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Convergence Instruments

The Vibration Meter Data Logger – Vibration Sentry E-16g is a new generation of smart data logger that can record acceleration, inclination, vibration and impacts. It includes a 3-axis +-16g MEMS accelerometer, an accurate date/time clock and a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory. Read more...

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Jewell Instruments, LLC

Jewell Instruments is pleased to introduce the model SMI-L 4-20mA Force Balanced Inclinometer. This powerful single-axis tilt sensor offers the same high performance and low cost as our standard Emerald Series, but with a convenient 4-20mA output. Read more...

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Light in Motion LLC

Light in Motion has released the L14UX photosensor : a UVC sensor in an hermetically sealed TO-46 package.

The L14UX is ideal for the control and monitoring of UVC light sources. It comes in two gain ranges, L14U1 and L14U2. Its hermetic metal/glass package makes it impervious to the damaging effects of UV light and resistant to harsh environment. Read more...

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JETSEAL’s V-Seals are an effective metallic seal and are suited for critical, low leakage applications. We are able to engineer the optimum seal characteristics by adjusting the thickness at the cross section. Precision machined or roll-formed, V-Seals can be custom designed for high clamping force loads and hard cavity metals or low clamping force loads and soft cavity metals like... Read more...

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National Precision Bearing, Inc.

Regulated industries like the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical markets have requirements that challenge bearings like few others. These operating environment require absolute reliability that cannot be compromised from continual cleaning activities. National Precision Bearing, MechPT™ line of pillow-block bearings meet these rigorous requirements. The MechPT™ bearin... Read more...

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Exsenco, LLC

I-SAC Adaptive Servo controllers are a revolutionary line of servo controllers that exceed standard PID controllers completely. They employ adaptive control coupled with DSP based signal processing which make the I-SAC controllers a "set and forget" equipment for your industry. Read more...

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DeWAL Industries, Inc.

Dynaglide® is part of a series of specially formulated PTFE friction and wear reducing coating material for industry’s most demanding applications.
These high performance tapes are used to Lower Friction and Reduce Wear. They are based on PTFE and UHMW-PE bearing and seal compounds. Read more...

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