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  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer Technology
    Differential transformers are electromagnetic devices for translating the displacement of a magnetic armature into an AC voltage, which is a linear function of the displacement. They are basically composed of primary and secondary coils wound on an air core and a movable armature is used to control
  • The World's Most Advanced Linear Variable Differential Transformer Signal Conditioner
    of position sensor. As a transformer, an LVDT has a primary and two identical secondaries that are connected differentially. It operates from an AC voltage and frequency much different from that of the power line and uses a movable core to vary the amount of primary voltage being coupled into each
  • White Paper: Reliability of Air Moving Fans, and Their Impact on System Reliability
    are at the top of this. air temperature inside of the electrical. list with a 99.9 percent efficiency, inductors. assembly and the case (or surface) of the. (iron core) are normally in the range of 95. component can easily exceed 40°C when. percent to 97 percent efficient, transformers the cooling
  • Technicalities
    inductance stability over the operating temperature ranges. Ceramic has no magnetic properties. Thus, there is no increase in permeability due to the core material. Ceramic core inductors are often referred to as "air core" inductors. Ceramic core inductors are most often used in high frequency
  • RTO Technical Specifications
    Cycle Therm designs, manufactures and installs regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and odorous emissions. Our current RTO is the genesis of more than 30 years of experience and discovery in RTO technology
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    powdered, amorphous, ferrites, and others. Silicon steel and nickel iron are available as tape wound cores or laminated pieces. Non-magnetic toroids are also available to make air core toroidal inductors. For Power Factor Correction applications, powdered iron, Kool-mu (Sendust), Hi Flux, moly-permalloy
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    in the near. term are in the composition of magnetic cores. From a power supply transformer perspective, the objective is to find a low-cost core material with enough inductance to store. energy, one that does its job with acceptable temperature rise and does not create excessive electromagnetic
  • Medical Device Link .
    and mechanical durability to the core. The whole transformer --fuses, input and output sockets, and mains switch --is housed within a metal enclosure designed for benchtop mounting. Isolation transformers help reduce electric shock hazards and limit the risk of interference generated on the mains distribution

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