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  • Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards-Image
    Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards - (66 companies)
    Carrier cards and carrier boards are slotted so that other modules can be plugged into them. Carrier boards may be "slaves " (non-intelligent) or "intelligent. " Carrier cards and carrier boards have slots for other modules. Intelligent carrier...
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  • AdvancedMC Products-Image
    AdvancedMC Products - (17 companies)
    Information. AdvancedMC products are computer boards that use the advanced mezzanine card (AMC) specification from the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PCIMG), a consortium of companies who develop open specifications for telecommunications...
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  • Cable Carriers-Image
    Cable Carriers - (133 companies)
    Cable carriers are constructed of flexible links and are used to organize and manage cables and hoses for moving applications. Cable carriers organize conduits such as cables, hoses, and chains through a series of flexible links. They are used...
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    Catalyst Supports and Carriers - (31 companies)
    Catalyst supports and carriers consist of highly porous ceramic, silica, or mineral media with high surface areas. Catalyst media or catalyst are used in chemical synthesis, thermal oxidation, and pollution control applications. Catalyst supports...
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  • Double Sided and Transfer Tapes-Image
    Double Sided and Transfer Tapes - (215 companies)
    ...workpieces to ensure effecient and safe seals and bonding. Double coated or double sided tapes are coated with adhesive on both sides of the backing or carrier. Transfer tapes consist of a thin adhesive film without a carrier or backing. Double coated...
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    Wafer Cassettes - (12 companies)
    Wafer cassettes are used to transport and store wafers during semiconductor manifacturing operations. They are designed to house or carry several wafers of the same size and are available in a range of materials to support specific applications, such as thermal processing.
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    Network Modems - (509 companies)
    Network modems (modulators-demodulators) are devices or programs that allow computers to transmit data over telephone lines. They convert digital computer data to analog sound waves and then demodulate the carrier signals to decode the transmitted...
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    QPSK Modulators and BPSK Modulators - (27 companies)
    Quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) modulators and binary phase shift keying (BPSK) modulators are used to change certain characteristics (amplitude, frequency or phase) of a carrier signal in order to transmit information. The changes...
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    M-Modules - (9 companies)
    M-Modules are ANSI/VITA 12-1996 mezzanine cards that are used mainly in industrial computers. They communicate with a printed circuit board (PCB) carrier over a dedicated bus and feature a fast, asynchronous parallel interface. As mezzanine cards...
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    Cloth Tapes - (168 companies)
    Cloth tapes provide robustness with the incorporation of a fabric or fiber carrier, such as cotton, scrim, glass, fiberglass, or polyester. They are adaptable to a variety of substrates and conditions, as substantiated by the most common type...
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  • Optoelectronics Engineering and Information Technologies in Industry
    Cross-Layer Combination of Cooperative HARQ with AMC in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks. Clean air and ammonia as the carrier gas and analytical one at a constant flow rate were … … high-density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry-standard 80C51 instruction set and pinout .
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems
    (a) ISO100 Chip pinout diagram (b) ISO100 Chip application diagram … modulator is configured for the operation in optical single side-band mode with carrier suppressed which shifts … Keywords: Wireless Broadband Communication, OFDMA, AMC .
  • Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas Packaging and Circuits Complete Document
    … can be significantly reduced through the combination of a PRS material with an AMC or a metamaterial … The distortion is measured by increasing the input carrier power up to the point where the IL … Figure 16.4: More detailed block diagram of the 60 GHz receiver, including IC pinout details.
    For reference purposes, the signal names and pinout of a standard parallel port and the I/O mapping … The N and R registers are also programmed so that the correct transmit carrier frequency is selected. amC .
    Pinout and Package Information … to attach an audio codec (AC), a modem codec (MC), an audio/modem codec ( AMC ) or both an … … divided into four main subsystems: a Parallel subsystem, a FIFO subsystem and the Carrier -Sense Multiple Access …
  • Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity
    The standard pinout for these displays and usage in the impersonator are shown in Table 15.6. … 337 Amanpour, Christiane, 52, 202, 257, 259, 261, 264 Ambassador, 125 AMC , 13, 206, 229 … … 111 Carnegie Mellon University, 207, 308 Carpenter, Craig, 231 Carper, Tom, 249, 250 Carrier IQ, 187 Carter …
  • The FC7 AMC for generic DAQ & control applications in CMS
    … high-speed serial lines as defined by the High Pin Count [3] FMC pinout , so that a … • ATMEL microcontroller - implements Module Management Controller (MMC) functional- ity, as defined by the AMC specification. … CMS are Ports 0 and 1, along which system communication with the MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) and …
  • AdvancedTCA
    … ART112 is a Rear Transition Module (RTM) module for ATCA Blades with Common Pinout definition on Zone … ATC118 - ATCA Carrier for Two PCI-X Modules • AMC (20 .