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  • Waterproof Step Motors Make Waves in Industry
    Because of the preponderance of water and solvents, motion control components are often exposed to the risk of corrosion and failure. Waterproof motors are a key part of the solution to water-induced motor failure problems. Today's waterproof motors are specifically designed to survive a minimum
  • Reasons for Turning to Slotless DC Motor Technology
    and slotted designs is the rotor diameter. Slotless. motors have a larger rotor diameter than slotted construction for the same outside motor diameter and. will generate a higher inertia, as well as accommodating more magnet material for greater torque. For. applications with high-inertia loads
  • Limited-Angle Torque Motors
    A special type of brushless motor is called a limited-angle torquer (LAT). LATs are constrained to produce torque through a rotation angle of less than 180 . But they are widely used to operate servovalves, direct laser mirrors, position missile-guidance radar antennas, open shutters
  • The Rate Integrating Gyroscope (RIG), Part 1
    is a turn about the input axis (IA). The output is a turn about the output axis (OA). The precession of the gimbal takes place only when the rotor is spinning, of course. Conversely, a rotation imparted to the gimbal in its freedom axis (the OA), will cause a torque about the input axis (IA). Gyroscopes
  • New ways to measure torque
    . performance of axles, drive trains, gear drives,. may be in for a big surprise. and electric and hydraulic motors. Other in-plant. applications include gas and steam turbines. New ways of mounting, installing,. Really, torque is an important factor in anything. sensing, controlling, actuating

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