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  • Abstracts of Current Computer Literature
    Engineering considerations then lead biquinary decade counter vs the binary .
  • John Mauchly's Early Years
    which, combined with a binary counter in the sixth socket, produced a biquinary .
  • The Prospects for Multivalued Logic: A Technology and Applications View
    In parallel with this activity was an interest in base 10 for computing systems, where implementation was in general on a binary -coded basis (for example, biquinary in the IBM 650). ...base circuitry with the possible exception of the design of accu- mulating " counters ," some of...
  • A survey of digital computer memory systems
    The RCA biquinary system operated in the opposite way, with the “bi�? stage stepped by each pulse. This is a better method since the binary counter , which has the simpler tolerance problems, is made the fast counter.
  • A Survey of Digital Computer Memory Systems
    The biquinary repre- sentation was used in the IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data Processing Machine, the first... Eckert describes the use of four binary counters cascaded and wired with an early carry (“regenerative�? or “jam- ming�? connections) to function as a (binary-coded) decimal counter.
    Six Decade Biquinary Counter the binary flip flop, (1,2) is a 914 used as a buffer and (1,3) (1...
  • Quantum-dot cellular automata serial decimal subtractors
    ...simplest arithmetic processing (counting) possible using twisted ring rotation viz. a shift operation in the Johnson counter . The code is biquinary : the most significant bit (MSB) of the Johnson–Mobius code represents its binary component, while the four lower bits represent quinary component (and are separated by a space).
  • Radio Progress during 1953
    The 409-2 computer contains an electronic arithmetic element that includes a 22-column parallel accumulator employ- ing biquinary decade counters . university and government laboratories and nearly all of them spon- A serial binary machine with a...
  • Origins and Foundations of Computing
    In 1932, CHARLES E. WYNN-WILLIAMS had already constructed binary counters (binary circuits) using thyratrons for physics experiments on They both be- gan their work in 1937: STIBITZ used partly biquinary code and partly excess-three...
  • The Remington Rand Type 409-2 Electronic Computer
    This is a natural binary flip-flop cascade modified to have a radix of 22. This counter nor- mally stands at 0. Except in the Accumulator, which uses the biquinary code described above, all numbers are represented in the...

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