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  • Dissolved CO2 Instruments-Image
    Dissolved CO2 Instruments - (42 companies)
    Dissolved CO2 instruments are analytical devices that measure the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved in a liquid sample such as water. They typically include a submerged probe that is covered by a thin organic membrane. Image credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers-Image
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers - (58 companies)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers use the energy-state transitions between vibrational and rotational states of CO2 molecules to emit at long IR, about 10 µm, wavelengths. These lasers can maintain continuous and very high levels of power... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Motor and Generator Winding Services-Image
    Motor and Generator Winding Services - (189 companies)
    Motor and generator winding services suppliers specialize in producing custom motors, generators and custom windings per customer specifications, as well as companies that specialize in motor repair and refurbishing. Motor types that are commonly... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Signal Generators-Image
    Signal Generators - (379 companies)
    ...and amplitudes with the necessary modulation for testing or measuring circuits. It is important that the amplitude of the signal generated by the signal generator be correct. In many signal generators, output meters are included in the equipment... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pulse Generators-Image
    Pulse Generators - (93 companies)
    ...can be used as a stimulus or clock signal. For example, pulse generators that work as digital delay generators can be used to drive lasers, modulators, or optical components. Pulse generator outputs can also produce the modulation signal for a signal... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Packet Generators - (7 companies) accuracy. Types of Packet Generators. A variety of packet generators are available based on the packet type. A TCP/IP packet generator allows users to construct a transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) packet that gives... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    RF Generators - (91 companies)
    RF generators and high frequency power supplies provide the power required for plasma generation, induction heating, and radar or communications applications. RF Generators Information. RF generators provide power for thin film processing equipment... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Generator Heads and Alternators - (34 companies)
    Generator heads and alternators turn rotational mechanical energy into electrical power through electromagnetic induction. Alternators and generator heads produce electricity via electromagnetic induction. AC current is output from the alternator... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Electrical Power Generators - (1064 companies)
    ...of fuel and air in order to reduce nitric oxides (NOx) emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Image Credit: Cummins Power Generation Inc. Generator Voltage and Hertz. Electrical power generators supply either a single or three phase AC voltage... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Plasma Generators - (9 companies)
    Plasma generators are special generators that produce the needed RF power to ignite and maintain plasma in plasma chambers and similar devices. High-frequency RF fields, typically emitting around 13.56 MHz, are used to generate capacitively coupled... Learn More
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  • Design for Innovative Value Towards a Sustainable Society
    [15] g]FDQ 8 dHUoLR÷ OX + *|NoHQ + 7RNOX % Balancing and sequencing of parallel mixed-model assembly... Abstract : We have proposed consideration of Carbon sink and CO2 emissions derived from electric power and fuel... ...a set of a 600 kW-wind turbine, a 30 kW-solar power generator , an battery- equipped... Their target products were the housing panels of Blu -ray recorders.
  • The Prokaryotes
    ...1489–1497 Kru¨ger B, Meyer O, Nagel M, Andreesen JR, Meincke M, Bock E, Blu ¨mle S, Zumft... Fermentation of fatty acids to acetate, H2, and CO2 , for instance, is more endergonic than the fermentation... ...Fig. 4.11), whereas only the distal Fe2 alternates between the formal +2 ( ox ) and +1 (red... ...effector is NO, a possibility consistent with the observation that addition of NO generators to nitrite reductase...
    ess of 2% ( blu system should be capable of CO2 separation, and under the right conditions, efficient separation. r to cupric ox US Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-860 Annual Electric Generator Report, 2013.
  • Advances in Mechanics Engineering
    ...used is usually a transition metal with high redox potential like Ce3+/Ce4+, Co2 +/Co3+, Mn2+/Mn3... Fault diagnosis of the generator set based on fractal theory CJ}. ox oy oz, bLu,, d .
  • Coping with Global Environmental Change, Disasters and Security
    Luthi, Dieter; Le Floch, Martine; Bereiter, Bernhard; Blu - nier, Thomas; Barnola, Jean-Marc; Siegenthaler, Urs; Raynaud, Dominique... ...Neuhoff, Karsten, 2005: “Allocation of carbon emissions certificates in the power sector: how generators profit from grandfathered... Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, 2007: “China Now No. 1 in CO2 Emissions; USA in Second Po- sition�?... Oxfam Briefing Note (March); at: .
  • Proceedings of the second international conference on stable isotopes
    The oxygen isotope ratio measurements are performed with a mass spectrometer (VACUUM GENERATORS , Winsford, Great Britain, type... This value, which is independent of the ox /gen uptake rate, should be in the range of... aative) and ii C (stable) compared tiith the isotope composition of atmospheric CO2 ,. Tiwsii depletions can be... ...154 Moreau, F., 310 ttosora, F., 55, 282 Mueller, D., 470 Muhanmad, S., blU hfcirray, S., 149...
  • Energy efficiency
    ...cubic meters biogas of about a tonne biowaste, the daily excrements of 110 cattles , 13 000 chickens... 4.6.1 Primärenergie- and CO2 saving through KWK Generator and can be discharged in about 3 hours up to 3 MWh per container ( BLU 2009).
  • V Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2011 May 16-21, 2011, Habana, Cuba
    Inside each muscle, there is an active-state tension generator (ATG) responsible for producing the necessary force... Cell cultures were incubated at 37°C and 5% CO2 . ...OD WUDQVIRUPDGD GH GLVWDQFLD HXFOLGLDQD GH OD PiVFDUD ELQDULD QHJDGD OR FXDO GD OX JDU D OD... Luisier F, Vonesch C, Blu T et al. (2009) Fast Haar-wavelet denois- ing of multidimensional fluorescence...
  • Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress
    We have found that Blu -tack [6] with a thickness of *2 mm gives good and repeatable... Because of this, the engines have attracted attention as a means of reducing CO2 emissions. Fig. 10 Influence of O2 concentration and SV 580 °C, 250 ppm-NO, generator PM; PM loading... o½gasŠ ox À r½gasŠ .

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