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  • Designing Custom Cold Plates
    protection. Several patterns for different ranges of required impedance, pressure drop, and flow have been developed. (See Figure 5.). Inner-Finned Brazed Cold Plates - Inner-finned brazed cold plates consist of two plates metallurgically bonded together with internal fin. They can be vacuum-brazed
  • Low-Melting Metallic Sputtering Targets Bonded At Room Temperature (Ambient)
    to a backing plate with Nano-. Foil® that is pre-coated with solder. Nanobond® Technology. Figure 1. Indium target bonded to a copper backing plate with NanoFoil® material. The process of bonding with NanoFoil®. is a mature technology that has been. solder layer. The heat released is not. used
  • Cold Plates
    Actively cooled cold plates utilize copper or aluminum tubes. They are typically bonded into aluminum plates to reduce weight and optimize thermal conductivity thus minimizing hot spots on the electronics that may be mounted onto the plates. Alternatively, cold plates may have machined passages
  • Cold Plate Manufacturing Cost Drivers
    of two plates metallurgically bonded together with internal fin. They are available in all sizes and offer extremely high performance, making them ideal for applications where heat loads are concentrated. With both tubed and vacuum-brazed cold plate technologies, the labor time is limited. Therefore
  • Aircraft Liquid Cooling
    tube, and performance-fin. Vacuum-brazed performance-fin is the cold plate technology most often found on aircraft. (See Figure 3.) Performance-fin cold plates consist of two plates metallurgically bonded together with internal fin, the most common of which are vacuum-brazed. With aluminum
  • Medical Device Link .
    and investment casting. The economical process has been used, for example, to mold laparoscopic surgical devices from 17-4PH stainless steel. The company offers design assistance that includes extensive finite element analysis, as well as prototyping and production services. Bonded tubing produced by means
  • An Introduction to ASTM B898, The Reactive and Refractory Metal Clad Specification (.pdf)
    applies to clad plates consisting of titanium, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, and. their alloys integrally bonded to a base metal plate of steel or any other metal. The cladding may be. performed by any technology, which produces a compliant product. Cladding methods may be, but are. not limited
  • Air Cooled Heat Pipe Assembly (.pdf)
    the available envelope. • Folded Fins – Extended surface in the form of folded fins remove heat directly. from the base mounting plate. These fins are also made of copper and. metallurgical bonded to the heat spreader. Based on their height, thickness and. conductivity these fins approach 100% efficiency

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