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  • How to View dataTaker Data Files in Excel
    To download data from dataTaker dataloggers for viewing in Excel, first connect to the dEX web server in the dataTaker by typing the IP address (as given on the data logger's display) into your browser. Click on the 'Monitor the Logger' button on the homepage, which brings up the main monitor
  • Convert Data Files Easily with dataTaker's Dump_DBD Utility
    When working with dataTaker's DT8x line of intelligent data logging products, many users can both save time and increase the accessibility of their data with a simple file conversion now offered on the manufacturer's website.
  • Converting User-Defined IQ Data Files For Use With The IFR 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator (.pdf)
    This application note explains how IQCreator can easily be used to quickly package and download these user-defined waveforms to the 3410 Series ARB. A discussion on data formats, waveform scaling and waveform spectral re-growth issues during continuous play of time limited waveforms is also
  • Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK) migrates 600,000 patient data files and 1,500 cases to ORBIS TM
    Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, announces today that it has successfully installed its ORBIS TM Hospital Information System (HIS) together with its Picture Archiving and Communications system (PACS) IMPAX TM in the Salzburger
  • Smart Computing Article - The Nature Of Data
    May 2005 Vol.9 Issue 3 Page(s) 7-11 in print issue Add To My Personal Library How Computers Work With Data & Files Back in the good old days, working with lots of information meant you needed typewriters, correction fluid, and walls of file cabinets. People wrote in ledgers by hand and filed them
  • Making CAD files usable to downstream teams
    existing 3D CAD data files, thereby reducing the burden on engineering. CAD programs often produce data files too large and cumbersome for use by nonengineers. Engineers often spend time explaining designs and providing drawings which downstream teams can use to recreate materials for their audiences
  • Converting USB Stick Data to FAT File Format With dataTaker Loggers
    Until relatively recently, USB memory sticks typically used FAT32 file format, but by and large this is no longer the case. This can occasionally cause an issue when using a USB data logger. Consequently, as part of our free technical support, we at CAS DataLoggers often suggest to dataTaker data
  • Smart Computing Article - file to file manager
    is called file compression. This process is sometimes called file compaction. Although computer files are already digital, you can code most file types more efficiently if you employ a smaller number of bits. In general, digital data is shrunk when repetitive patterns of binary 0s and 1s are detected

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