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  • Fire Sprinkler Heads-Image
    Fire Sprinkler Heads - (93 companies)
    ...of secondary standards for a fire sprinkler head that are covered by the overall requirements of fire protection and prevention in homes, commercial buildings, and high-occupancy dwellings. Most suppliers of fire sprinkler heads provide an entire range of fire... Learn More
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    Fire Suppression Systems - (259 companies)
    Fire suppression systems are used to suppress flames in the event of a fire. There are several types of suppression systems including wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, deluge sprinkler systems and dry chemical suppression systems... Learn More
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    Fire Protection Services - (215 companies)
    ...of overhead pipes fitted with sprinkler heads. Heat-sensitive seals prevent the flow of water until a threshold temperature is exceeded. Fire alarm services then dispatch emergency personnel to a customer’s location. At larger facilities, fire protection... Learn More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels-Image
    Fire Alarm Control Panels - (217 companies)
    Fire alarm control panels (FACPs) transmit signals between fire detection devices and alarms, suppression systems, and monitoring centers. This device reduces the potential for fatalities and property loss from structure fires. Fire alarm control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tank Heads - (21 companies)
    ...cylinders, distillation towers, and reactors. Tank heads are important structural elements of pressure vessels, and may be used to contain materials that are highly volatile or hazardous. Both tank integrity and tank head integrity are maintained through... Learn More
  • Machining Heads and Multiple Spindle Heads - (101 companies)
    ...or tapping two or more holes in one operation. Machining heads and multiple spindle head systems provide high-speed hole making, drilling anywhere from a handful of holes to several thousand holes at a time. In milling systems, the machining head allows... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Generator Heads and Alternators - (29 companies)
    Generator heads and alternators turn rotational mechanical energy into electrical power through electromagnetic induction. Alternators and generator heads produce electricity via electromagnetic induction. AC current is output from the alternator... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Head-up Displays - (17 companies)
    Head-up Displays present data in a user's forward field of view on a transparent surface allowing the operator to maintain awareness of their typical viewpoint. Head-up displays, commonly referred to as HUDs, are devices used to superimpose data... Learn More
  • Connection Heads - (58 companies)
    ...output. Thermoheads connect to and protect the connections with extension wires via a number of connection heads. Some of the more common head types include screw cap and chain, hinged or latching closures, bolted or screwed on covers, and open head type... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flammability and Fire Testing Services - (54 companies)
    Flammability and fire testing services evaluate finished products or components through specialized environmental exposure tests. A number of industries take great interest and participate in costly implementations using flammability and fire... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Deluge Fire Sprinkler System Pre-action Fire Sprinkler System Deluge Fire Sprinkler System A deluge system is similar to a pre

of a dry-pilot sprinkler head during a fire releases the compressed air pressure within the system allowing the deluge valve to open and admit water

DOE-STD-1066-99; Fire Protection Design Criteria

Glossary of firefighting equipment - Wikipedia, the free...

Flammable liquids. - 1910.106
Fire area shall mean an area of a building separated from the remainder of the building by construction having a fire resistance of at least 1 hour
See Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Information

Hotel Fires.Sprinklers

Sprinkler Components Self-Guided Online Course
are common to all types of automatic sprinkler systems, including the water supply, piping, and sprinkler heads.
See National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Information

See National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Information

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We are a Houston Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguisher and Security Alarm Company.
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