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...a lot of interest, and with good reason. Specialty steels such as these take other manufacturers considerable prep time and machine conversion. Here, you can get popular alloys such as Densalloy™ and Zircalloy 4™ without a lot of fuss, all treated and forged to close tolerances and delivered...

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Tools (Hard Metal) and used High Speed Tools (HSS) and pure Titanium, Molybdenum,Stainless Steel (full loads), Heavy Alloys , Densalloy a.o.

Tungsten Alloy provides the unique properties required in...
By adding alloying elements to tungsten, Densalloy? has greater ductility and better machinability than with pure tungsten.

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Producer of titanium, zirconium metal powders, getters for ultra high purity gas purification and high vacuum system, and sintering targets with

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? Sarda Industrial Enterprises - Indian manufacturer of copper metal powder, tin powder, Lead Powder for carbon brushes, sintered parts, electrical

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