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  • Gain Horn Antennas
    effectively with a dielectric coating. Feed horns, conical horns, rectangular waveguide apertures, slot antennas, slotted waveguides and pyramidal horns are types of gain horn antennas. A lens horn antenna is another variation that uses lens elements to collimate divergent energy and prevent it from
  • MICRO: Finnish Optoelectronics
    A Finnish firm with expertise in optoelectronic waveguide technology has set its sights on one of the semiconductor industry's hottest market segments. Silecs of Espoo, Finland, has introduced a line of "nonporous " materials with dielectric constants in the range of 3.0 to 2.2. The low-porosity
  • Internal Antennas
    internally on the printed circuit board within the radio transmitter, receiver or transceiver product. Internal antennas are also known as embedded antennas, integral antennas, chip dielectric antennas or chip multiplayer antennas.

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  • Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and Optoelectronics
    In Chapter 6, discussion on the behavior of EH and HE modes in cir- cular dielectric waveguides is improved and a relevant figure added.
  • Millimeter-Wave Waveguides
    The proof 1.4 Fundamental properties of open waveguides 1.4.1 1.4.2 Boundary conditions for open waveguides Eigenwaves in planar dielectric waveguides 1.5 Inhomogeneities in waveguides 1.5.1 1.5.2 Transmission-line theory applied to �
  • Subject Index, Jun. 1981
    9 (1 E13) microwaves; use of audio modulation substitution s stem to achieve high accuracy; Korewick, John; T-IUTT VI nl Mar 53 14-2 /� millimeter-wave dielectric waveguides of circular cross section; attenuation characteristics in 72-GHz band: Jablonski.
  • Microwave Electronics: Measurement and Materials Characterization
    4.4.1 Circular dielectric waveguide 190 .
  • Open Electromagnetic Waveguides
    It consists of eight chapters: introduction to open electromagnetic waveguides; electromagnetic theory; planar dielectric waveguides ; bound modes by approximate methods; discontinuities in planar dielectric waveguides; bound modes by transverse resonance diffraction; complete spectra of open waveguides; and examples and applications.
    In this thesis, the first demonstration of the full integration of 1.55�m InGaAs/InP edge emitting platelet laser diodes with SiON/SiO2 dielectric waveguides on a silicon substrate is presented.
  • Nanostructured and Subwavelength Waveguides: Fundamentals and Applications
    We thus conclude that using even the simplest step-index dielectric waveguides that feature high refractive-index contrast between their core and cladding materials it is possible to ensure a single-mode operation, and deeply subwavelength mode size.
  • Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Components
    The operating frequency of this junction corresponds to the odd solution of two coupled open dielectric resonators constructed from sections of a dielectric waveguide propagating the hybrid HE11 mode.
    SPPW modes, the excitation scheme where SPPs are excited at the gold-air interface, and subsequently coupled into the dielectric waveguides by means of a funnel was ap- plied [Fig. 3.3(a) and (c)], and it proved successful with strong �
  • Advanced Materials for Integrated Optical Waveguides
    To achieve this goal, rectangular dielectric waveguides , planar optical waveguides in the form of films and strips, as well as other planar components and circuitry were constructed, and resulted in the forma- tion the integrated optics in 1960s.
  • Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits
    � internal reflection mirrors and beam splitters; a new appendix and section on mutimode interference effects and devices; treatment of star couplers and photonic multiplexers, demultiplexers and routers, and their design; expanded treatment of losses in dielectric waveguides ; treatment of light propagation �
  • Foundations for Guided-Wave Optics
    3.2 Transverse Electric Modes Guided by Linearly Graded Dielectric Waveguides 52 .
  • Coplanar Microwave Integrated Circuits
    S. G. Garcia, T. M. Bao Hung, R. G. Martin, and B. G. Olmedo, On the application of finite methods in time domain to anisotropic dielectric waveguides , IEEE Trans.