Products/Services for Electric Towbar Aircraft

    Towbars - (15 companies)
    Towbars are devices used between a tow vehicle and a vehicle or aircraft being towed. They are fabricated to withstand the pushback forces of the item being towed. Towbars are mechanical linkages between two vehicles. Through these devices, one...
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    Aircraft - (88 companies)
    Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various methods of thrust and lift. They include a wide range of vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, airships, and balloons. Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various...
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  • Electric Brakes-Image
    Electric Brakes - (218 companies)
    Electric brakes are assemblies consisting of electrical elements for the slowing or stopping of shafts in equipment drives. Electrical power is required to activate the brake. How to Select Electric Brakes. Spring Applied Brakes. Image Credit...
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  • Electric Heaters-Image
    Electric Heaters - (283 companies)
    Electric heaters generate heat by passing an electric current through a high-resistance material. Electrics heaters generate heat by passing an electric current through a high-resistance material. These heating devices have been adapted to various...
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    Electric and Gas Utilities - (608 companies)
    Electric utilities and gas utilities supply electric power and/or natural gas or connect lines to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. Electric utilities and gas utilities supply electric power and/or natural gas, or connect lines...
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    Electric Rotary Actuators - (184 companies)
    Electric rotary actuators drive components rotationally via electromagnetic power. They typically have control and indexing capabilities. Electric rotary actuators drive components rotationally via electromagnetic power from a motor. They typically...
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    Electric and Magnetic Water Filters - (40 companies)
    Electric and magnetic water filters use electrical charging and magnetic energy to treat water and wastewater. The electric treatment of water forces oppositely-charged ions to move in opposite directions. This produces collisions which result...
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    Electric Brake and Clutch Assemblies - (106 companies)
    Electric brake and clutch assemblies consist of elements for both the connection and disconnection of shafts (clutch) and for the slowing or stopping of shafts (brake) in equipment drives. Image Credit: Baldor Electric Company | Island Components...
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    Electric Clutches - (168 companies)
    Corporation | Ogura Industrial Corp. Electric clutches are equipment drive assemblies that contain electrically actuated components for connecting two shafts so that they can either be locked together and spin at the same speed, or decoupled and spin...
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    Electric Valve Actuators - (414 companies)
    Electric valve actuators mount on valves which, in response to a signal, automatically move to a desired position using an outside power source. Single-phase or three-phase AC or DC motors drive a combination of gears to generate the desired torque...
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  • GSE sector seeks sustainable solutions
    In future, eSchlepper is intended to replace the diesel-powered, towbar -based aircraft tugs currently in use. … well as commercial terms, we will move our entire fleet of tugs to electric power, step-by …
  • CSIR Defencetek G BAT Mk 2 rapid reaction utility vehicle
    Other options include a removable canvas cabin top, a towbar and an electric winch. … Mk 2 is qualified for both high- and low-level airdrop from transport aircraft such as the …
  • Kocoverk International AB
    The Delta is mainly for use with remotely parked aircraft where electric power is not available. … heater is mounted on a four-wheeled trailer with puncture-proof tyres and towbar -actuated parking brakes.
  • Alenia Aermacchi SpA, A Finmeccanica Company
    The 541BA's electric motor is controlled by an inverter that also provides a soft starting capability. … 561BA is fitted with a diesel engine as the prime mover, which requires diesel or aircraft fuel. Both units are mounted on a four-wheel trailer equipped with towbar and rear hook.
  • Starline, Inc
    This unit is designed for the smaller airlines and aircraft where the higher flow is not necessary. … square tube steel frames and are fitted with pneumatic-tyred wheels, steering axles, towbar and parking brake. It is also offered in electric , diesel or petrol engine configurations.
  • Detroit takes delivery of towbarless tractor
    The aircraft is winched onto the cradle and towed to the hangar or loading gate, eliminating the need for a towbar . Lektro manufactures a range of electric -drive towbarless tractors, and the US-based company has sold 3 …
  • EINSA - Equipos Industriales de Manutencion SA
    M-VAE-10 aircraft handler A three-wheeled unit with two front traction wheels powered by hydraulic motors and a rear steering wheel controlled by the towbar . … with an 80 V, 240 Ah traction battery which supplies energy to the 9 kW electric motor.
  • Contenders vie for Inter Airport Awards
    JMS (interRAMP) nominated its J-TOWversa3 universally applicable towbar for A320- and B-737-family single-aisle aircraft . Kalmar Motor and Alelion Batteries (interRAMP) launched in 2010 the TBL-50 hybrid- electric towing tractor for …
  • Inter Airport underscores technological progress
    Schopf Maschinenbau also produces container and pallet loaders, as well as aircraft passenger stairs. … in various classes of weight and size, with different power options including diesel, electric , liquid propane gas … Kalmar Motor (Outdoor, F30) manufactures conventional (FB-series) and towbar -less (TBL-series) tractors.
  • Cessna 421
    … includes sensitive altimeter, quartz crystal clock, dual controls, windscreen defroster, outside air temperature gauge, blind-flying instrumentation, audible stall warning device, instrument post lights, alternator failure lights, aileron and elevator control lock, aircraft systems monitoring device, heater … … lights, rotating beacons and towbar . Optional equipment for all versions includes electric elevator trim, angle of attack indicator, digital clock, true airspeed …