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  • Medical Device Link . Novel Electrochemical Techniques for Analysis of Metallic Biomaterials Surfaces
    these potentials, an oxide film will form, whose thickness can be directly approximated using a Faraday's law type calculation. That is, the charge associated with the current transient is equated with the volume of film that reforms. If the area scratched (Ao) is known, then the thickness () can
  • Development and Mechanisms of Action of a Ceria-Based Slurry for Shallow Trench Isolation CMP (.pdf)
    , the positive ZP slurries behave somewhat like a. interacts with the wafer surface, resulting in a positively fixed abrasive pad, in that particles in down oxide areas (i.e. charged particle and almost complete inhibition of nitride trenches) do not experience enough shear force to be removed. polishing
  • Medical Device Link .
    the effects of a range of sterilization methods on the microbial barrier properties of Tyvek. The results of radiation sterilization tests are presented here; the results of tests using ethylene oxide, chlorine dioxide, steam, Plazlyte, and Sterrad sterilization will be discussed in a future issue
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry fter decades of anguishing over long aeration times and interminable incubation periods, manufacturers of medical devices sterilized with ethylene oxide (EtO) may finally be getting something of a break. Thanks to the efforts of industry experts in the United
  • Medical Device Link .
    for medical packages sterilized by exposure to ethylene oxide, irradiation, or steam. As in previous studies, endospores of Bacillus. A Discriminating Method for Measuring the Microbial Barrier Performance of Medical Packaging (MDDI archive, May 96). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link
  • MICRO: Transistorama
    dielectrics will first be implemented. The primary reasons for this lack of consensus are an inaccurate methodology for extracting the effective work function (EWF) of metal gates, especially in the presence of fixed charges in the high-k material, and a limited understanding of the factors
  • Power Management in Portable Applications: Charging Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries
    or fixed. installations because of their large size and weight. Our. I = M × Cn. focus will be discussing Lithium-Ion. These batteries. have been emerging as the dominate chemistry in the. Where: portable market place. I = charge or discharge current, A. M = multiple or fraction of C. LITHIUM-ION
  • The Littlest Big Capacitor -- An Evans Hybrid
    and cathode capacitances. From this, one can see that CT will be less than either CA or CC. The electrodes of an electrolytic capacitor are electrochemically oxidized, producing a dielectric oxide coating. The thickness of this oxide can be adjusted by the manufacturer to give any desired cell working