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  • Flip Chip Bonder (Embedded)
    Embedding an Industrial PC with image processing board into a Flip Chip Bonder.
  • Study of RF Flip-Chip Assembly with Underfill Epoxy (.pdf)
    Flip-chip assembly technology is becoming more and more important to radio frequency (RF) MCM with the following advantages: automated assembly, compact size, low cost, low cross talk, and low insertion loss. However, flip-chip assembly also demands carful evaluation of solder joint reliability.
  • Advanced Thermal Interface Materials for Enhanced Flip Chip BGA
    Increased functionality and performance requirements for microprocessors and ASICs have resulted in a trend to package these devices in the flip-chip BGA form factor (FCBGA). Because these devices use in excess of 40-100 Watts of power, their packages must dissipate heat in an extremely efficient
  • Simulation and Measurement of High Speed Serial Link Performance in a Dense, Thin Core Flip Chip Package
    , like Hyper Transport, Infiniband, PCI Express, RapidIO and SATA, are driving new speed and density specifications for differential signals. This paper will show how to meet these product requirements with a thin core, flip chip, organic package which uses a standard, reasonable-cost, reliable FR-4
  • Thermal Enhancement of Systems using Organic Flip-Chip Packages (FC-PBGA) with an Alternate Cooling Path through the Printed Wiring Board
    The thermal performance characteristics of organic flip-chip packages (FC-PBGA) incorporating thin (0.5mm), high interconnect density (dense-core) organic substrates has been studied using 1-D calculations and 3-D numerical analysis. Of particular interest is the ability of the substrate to provide
  • The Drive to Miniaturize - 0201 Flip Chip Silicon Schottky Diodes
    The incessant drive to. miniaturize electronic. systems places pressure. on semiconductor manufacturers. to offer ever-smaller components. This trend is rapidly. approaching its logical conclusion,. which is the elimination. of the semiconductor's package. altogether in favor of a die. which can be
  • Enhanced Imager Chip Packaging for Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    The development of an automotive qualified packaging technology for CMOS and CCD imager chips is described. A flip-chip-on-flex solution was developed. This package solution was demonstrated using a 1/3 inch optical format imager chip that was designed for use with conventional ceramic leadless
  • Medical Device Link .
    Flip-Chip Processes Affect Size, Cost, and Reliability by Albert P. Kretz and Donald Styblo Flip-chip processes allow miniaturization of electronic circuitry by utilizing integrated circuit (IC) chips without the conventional plastic packaging that adds a great deal of bulk. Combined with tiny

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