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...acrylics, polycarbonates, and ABS are unforgiving when it comes to the presence of fines, fluff, and streamers. Scrap rates as high as 90% have been reported, according to the company. On the Pelletron Web site, contract molding firm Nypro describes the problems it had encountered molding clear medical...

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STE & STFH Fluff Feed Hoppers - Film Reclaim Systems -...
STE & STFH Fluff Feed Hoppers The STE unit is designed to re-feed edge trim only. Patented dual-stage fluff feed assembly
See Sterling, Inc. Information

VI Series Edge Trim Conveyor - Film Reclaim Systems - Material...
STE & STFH Fluff Feed Hoppers Plastics Separator & Processes
See Sterling, Inc. Information

TE & TFH Fluff Feed Hoppers - Film Reclaim Systems - Blend &...
TE & TFH Fluff Feed Hoppers FD-FV Fluff Blowers-Cyclones AEC Whitlock Powder Hopper Loaders AEC Whitlock Vacuum Receivers
See AEC, Inc. Information

TE / TFH / TFH-HP FLUFF FEED SYSTEM Part Number: 882.00209.00...
TE/TFH/TFH-HP Fluff Feed Systems Chapter 1: Safety 3 Table of Contents CHAPTER 1: SAFETY
See AEC, Inc. Information

Precision Air Convey - Trim Removal Systems
This schematic represents a new Granulate Feed System featuring dual hopper chambers in a single unit that enables plastic film and sheet processors
See Precision Air Convey, Inc. Information

Recycling/Size Reduction | Colortronic
CTE Series Fluff Hopper Systems CTE fluff feed hoppers are designed to Fluff Feed Hoppers Colortronics fluff feed hoppers are designed to feed
See Colortronic North America, Inc. Information

Feed preparation Catalyst handling Polymerization reaction
See K-Tron Process Group Information

Locating and Estimating Sources of Arsenic and Arsenic...

Background Document, AP-42 Section 2.1, Refuse Combustion
Waste (with large, bulky materials removed) is delivered by an overhead crane to a feed hopper, which feeds the waste into the combustion chamber.

Pi&#241on Pine Project 1995 Annual Report
include all major sub-systems of the system including coal and limestone feed systems, pressurized air-blown bed hot product gas filtering and

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