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    Slip Rings - (97 companies)
    ...configuration choices include drum type or pancake type. In drum type slip rings each ring lies along the drum axis, like threads on a bolt. In pancake configuration the rings are concentric, like grooves on a phonograph record. Contact choices include... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Focal Plane Arrays-Image
    Focal Plane Arrays - (26 companies)
    Focal plane arrays (FPA) are detectors consisting of a linear or two-dimensional matrix of individual detector elements, typically used at the focus of an imaging system. Focal plane arrays (FPA) are detectors which consist of a linear... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Torque Limiters and Slip Clutches-Image
    Torque Limiters and Slip Clutches - (171 companies)
    Torque limiters and slip clutches automatically slip or disengage the clutch at a predetermined torque. Torque limiters and slip clutches automatically slip or disengage the clutch at a predetermined torque. They are generally used to protect... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Slip Sheets - (19 companies)
    How to Select Slip Sheets. Image Credit: Rehrig Pacific Company. Slip sheets are unit load support devices used for the handling and transportation of packaged goods. These products are used instead of a pallet for less material costs, lower... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • O-rings-Image
    O-rings - (776 companies)
    ...silicone; packing, preformed (o-ring). ASTM D1414 - Standard test methods for rubber o-rings. BS ISO 3601-1 - Fluid power systems - o-rings part 1. References. Image Credits: Hi-Tech Seals, Inc. | CT Gasket & Polymer Co., Inc. | Applied Industrial... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Metal Ring Seals - (86 companies)
    ...that are designed for cryogenic conditions can withstand a range of low temperatures. Some metal ring seals have cross-sections that are shaped like letters. For example, O-rings have O-shaped cross-sections and are used as secondary seals or gaskets... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Piston Rings - (110 companies)
    ...or polymer seals. Piston ring seals are very important for the efficient performance of combustion engines. Damaged or leaking piston rings can lead to hot exhaust escaping the cylinder and entering the crankcase of the engine, contaminating the engine... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ring Gages - (132 companies)
    ...of the round bar or part being gaged. The no go ring (OD) gage should be specified to a plus gagemakers' tolerance from the minimun part tolerance. Master and setting ring gages includes gage blocks, master or setting discs, and setting rings are types... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Hoist Rings - (113 companies)
    ...a standard bail, eye, or ring. Basic types of hoist rings include: Center-pull hoist rings are designed to be rigged from the center and should not be set up to be pulled from the side. Side-pull hoist rings are designed to be rigged from the side... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rolled Rings - (37 companies)
    Rolled rings (or seamless forged rings) are hollow metal cylinder shapes used as starting stock blanks for wheels or rail tires, housings, bearings, gears, valve seats, ring gaskets and couplings. Rolled rings (also known as seamless forged rings... Learn More
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  • Effects of Different Sodic Deflocculants on Rheological Properties of Acid-Resistant Overglaze Slip
    ...of 1:2 respectively were taken as deflocculants, and single-factor test and ring test were used... The results show that 0.3% of the composite deflocculants are better than any other single deflocculants on clay-water-acid-resistant overglaze slip , which has a better liquidity, a better thixotropy... ...on glaze such as crawling, pinhole, hard spot, focal spot. Being allowed access to "Scientific.Net" ("the site") of Trans Tech Publications Ltd, you enter into the...
    ...a number of metallic particles (shot) all held in an annular seal cavity by a retaining ring . ...the case of leaf springs, the mechanism is mainly fric- tion in the slippage between the seal... ...33410 Refer to MFS-32571-1, volume and num- ber of this NASA Tech Briefs issue, and... The enhanced flexibility will facilitate cooling of mechanically sensi- tive components (example: optical focal planes).
  • Tech Briefs
    Tech Briefs Airborne and space infrared cameras require highly flexible direct cooling of mechanically-sensitive focal planes. ...a number of metallic particles (shot) all held in an annular seal cavity by a retaining ring . In the case of leaf springs, the mechanism is mainly friction in the slippage between the seal...
  • Single- and double-color oligonucleotide primed in situ labeling (PRINS): applications in pathology
    ...were counterstained with 15 µl propidium iodide/anti- fade and mounted with a cover slip (all reagents by... Brandt CA, Kierkegaard O, Hindkjaer J, Jensen PKA, Pedersen S (1993) Ring chromosome 20 with loss of... Genet Anal Tech Appl 8:171–178 Koch J, Fischer H, Askholm H, Hindkjaer J, Pedersen S, Kolvraa... ...and 8 occur frequently in hepatocellular carcinoma but not in liver cell adenoma and focal nodular hyperplasia.
  • A four channel dynamic strain-recorder
    Rev. Tech . C.F.T.H., 12, p. 5 (1949). . ...comes in this record about half a second after the front wheel impact. . focal length 2.80cm... Of course, to obtain these m r d s , a slip - ring arrangement is necessary between the equipment and the gauges on the wheel.
  • Design and implementation of a broadband optical rotary joint using C-lenses
    Focal Technologies Corporation, “Product line-fiber optic rotary joints�? (Focal Technologies Corporation, 2004), http://www.focaltech.ns... ...Huang Dexiu, “Tunable optical delay line,�? J. Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech . (in Chinese) 29... Compared to its counterpart, the electrical slip ring (ESR), ORJ is immune to electo-magnetic interferences.
  • Cretaceous–Tertiary structures and kinematics of the Serbomacedonian metamorphic rocks and their relation to the exhumation of the Hellenic hinterland (Macedon...
    Fit is accepted if the angular diver- gence between predicted and recorded slip directions is less than... Acknowledgements We are grateful to W. Frisch and U. Ring for discussions and helpful criticism of the... Tech - nica 204 pp (in Bulgarian) Bonèev E (1988) Notes sur la téctonique alpine des Balkans. ...1984) An improved method for deter- mining the regional stress tensor using earthquake focal mech- anism data...
  • Chapter 7: A One-Dimensional Tree Structure Based Algorithm for DOA-Delay Joint Estimation On GlobalSpec
    Learn more about Focal Plane Arrays Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) are the optical equivalent of electrical slip rings . ...duplicated or otherwise used without the express written permission of GlobalSpec Inc.   30 Tech Valley Dr Suite...
  • Setting-up a Small Observatory: From Concept to Construction
    ...// Group for information on observatory roof and dome automation: http:// tech ...// Astrozap dew shields: Parallax Instruments: Tube rings for all telescopes... ...optical, 197 Climate, 87, 124, 128 See also Observatories, temperature control in Clutch, slip , 22, 161 Clutches... Earthing, 21, 89, 91–93, 170 Eaves-fillers, 140 Eclipses, 32 Effective focal length (EFL), 27, 111, 127...

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