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Parts by Number for Horizontal Coil Accumulator Top

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RHS240H0CA0AAA   United Refrigeration, Inc. Air Conditioners One-piece, high efficiency electric heating and electric cooling with a low profile, prewired, tested, and charged at the factory. Dedicated vertical or horizontal air flow; no field kits required. Full perimeter base rail with built-in rigging adapters and fork truck slots. Pre-painted exterior...
RHS048H0CA0AAA   United Refrigeration, Inc. Air Conditioners One-piece, high efficiency electric heating and electric cooling with a low profile, prewired, tested, and charged at the factory. All units are convertible from downflow to horizontal air flow; no special adapter curbs are necessary. Full perimeter base rail with built-in rigging adapters and fork...

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  • ZSMFP2012P211
    A coil loop or a horizontal or vertical accumulator is usually included in roll forming lines for high production speeds and quantities after the decoiler.
  • The absolute measurement of electrical resistance by a new rotating-coil method
    The large horizontal coils V , V of sides 49 x 55 cm. are placed in the equivalent Helmholtz position and serve for the neutralization of the earth's vertical flux through the rotating coil when fed by a small current derived from accumulators .
  • The measurement of electrical resistance in terms of a mutual inductance and a period
    The earth’s horizontal field at right angles to the axis of the field coils was neutralized by two large rectangular coils, figure 3, of sides 49 cm. by 55 cm., HH, placed in the Helmholtz position and worked from a single accumulator .
  • Magnetostriction in grain-oriented silicon-iron
    ...the e.m.f. produced in the search coil is proportional to dB/dt; to obtain B the output from the coil is passed through an integrator and amplifier and is finally displayed and measured as a hori- zontal deflection on the oscillograph. The magnetizing field is produced by a large coil and the current is supplied from either an accumulator or a power oscillator.
  • Tandem Cold Metal Rolling Mill Control
    ...the pickling process, during for example passage of the weld for the next coil in the cold... The most commonly used device for this storage is the horizontal accumulator , wherein typically a car travels on a track which is a set of rails.
  • Control of continuously-operated high temperature furnaces
    In addition to the above three processes the line has ancillary systems such as de-coilers, welders and horizontal accumulators that allow the continuous operation of the line. Most of the coils processedwill be rolled to the required gauge in a cold rolling mill.
  • Abstracts of metalworking literature
    Various types of accumulators and their general capabilities are described, e.g. overhead loop, vertical tower, horizontal rotary, and vertical free loop accumulator . Advantages and limitations of common techniques of joining coil ends--oxyacetylene torch, spot, mash seam, flash butt...
  • Magnetophysiologische investigations. I. The rotation movement of the plasma in a constant magnetic force field
    There was a methodology of this investigation in folgendem: A Sttick of Chara was brought horizontal Fliiche were ordered dessert windings in one into a coil (the number of windings, the li ~ nge of the wire and other elements, that the... A current yon 10--30 accumulators became durchgeschickt.
  • Hazards summary report: Projects CG-558 and CG-600 reactor plant modifications. Volume 1
    ...suppression circuit might bypass the contact; all such cir- cuits a r e across the relay coils . All relays and contacts a r e designed with a very conservative approach so that the large design safety factors exist, Energy to insert the horizontal control system in the event... the form of hydraulic accumulators at B, D, DR...
  • Ortstreue in foraging ants of theFormica rufa group — Hierarchy of orienting cues and long-term memory
    Within the central part of the arena the horizontal component of the magnetic field could be turned counterlockwise through about 60~ by switching on 2 Helmholz coils (fig. 2). ...wooden frame (2 m • 1 m) and fed from a continuously recharged accumulator (6 V •...
  • A torsion balance for magnetic measurements on individual small particles
    Two short solenoids A were mounted to produce a d o r m horizontal magnetic fieldin a... Mounted concentricallywith the magnetizingcoilswas a pair of Helmholtz-type coils B connected in opposition in order to... Both sets of coils were fed from accumulator batteries via banks of variable resistors.
  • Opportunities for Energy Efficiency and Automated Demand Response in Industrial Refrigerated Warehouses in California
    ...pressure receivers – insulated tank that holds lo-pressure/temp liquid ammonia to be sent to evaporators Accumulators – also an insulated tank that holds lo-pressure/temp liquid ammonia, located above an evaporator coil /heat exchanger – most accumulators have a manual, dual... ...holds high-pressure liquid draining from condensers – all refrigeration systems have one, can be horizontal /vertical .
  • ZASMHBA0001271
    ...of the rolling and protective oils are removed, then moves into the entry strip accumulator or looper. The looper, which can be either vertical or horizontal , accumulates extra strip ahead of the plating section and provides it to that section when the entry end is stopped to load a new coil .