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  • Laser ENgraving and Cutting on Plastics
    . pause. mute. unmute. max volume. full screen. restore screen. repeat. repeat off. Laser cutting plastics with a Trotec laser cutter. Marking of promotional or gift items made of plastic. Plastic components marked with a laser. Excellent cutting edges during laser processing. Material overview. How does
  • Laser Line Scanning (.pdf)
    and allow only the laser light to shine. through. This improves the performance of the systems. by reducing the potential noise induced by different light. sources. FARO Laser ScanArm. The FaroArm® is a portable, 6-degree of freedom coordinate measuring machine. When combined. with FARO’s Laser
  • Growing Gains with Laser
    in the future, this is all going to be done with lasers. ". When Adams heard this, he knew he needed to learn more. Today he owns and operates Laser Precision LLC, which uses laser technology for prototype parts, production runs of any size, stainless and carbon steel processing, aluminum processing
  • Trends in Laser Research
    as an. international language (78.37%). However, on the filed patents the number of the. published patents in Japanese is about 64% while in English it is 26%, which shows the. degree of laser progress in Japan. In the material processing by laser systems the major applications are welding, drilling
  • Data Management Complements Laser Capabilities
    Laser Precision, LLC uses laser technology for prototype parts, production runs of any size, stainless and carbon steel processing, aluminum processing, multiple-bend parts and automotive parts. The 12-year-old laser job shop manufactures heavy industrial equipment, food equipment, transportation
  • The Progress of Industrial Laser Marking (.pdf)
    and barcodes on product packaging, medical instruments,. electronic devices and automotive components. Laser markers have also been adopted to. perform processing functions such as wafer etching, cutting plastic films and trimming fiber. optic cables. As new applications in manufacturing emerge, laser
  • Ontario Company Delivers Value-Added Processing with Mitsubishi Laser
    Business. That first laser was a 3015LZP-E Class 2000 watt laser, purchased through Mitsubishi 's Encore program. Encore 's certified pre-owned machines are reconditioned to factory specifications and come backed with a Mitsubishi Certified Reconditioned Machine Guarantee, plus Mitsubishi 's
  • Metalformer Laser - Cuts in 2d, Manages Growth in 3D
    it is owned by PTR Group, LP, which also owns sister company Joint Venture Tool & Mold, LLC, a supplier of injection mold and die-cast tooling. With its new laser-cutting machine tool up and running, the American Cap management team quickly found that it had a lot of spare processing time on its hands
  • Is a Laser Scanner or an Imager the Best Choice for Your Application?
    and experience. image of the symbol. This image processing provides. slower decode rates (relative to laser scanners), they. the capability to decode both 1D and 2D formats. have the added benefit of quality validation and the. 2D symbols such as the Data Matrix (invented in. flexibility to read a much
  • Laser Increases Cutting Ability 60%
    For one New England fabricator, the investment in a new laser came with a bigger payoff than expected. Salem Metal Fabricators, Inc., purchased their first Mitsubishi Laser, a 3015 LVP, for the machine's superior cutting power and high-speed processing accuracy. "It was the right fit at the right