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  • Description: Welding Angle Magnet (Right) Strong magnet attracts to any ferrous metal object and leaves both hands free to safely work on the project. Ideal for fast setup and accurate holding for all welding jobs. The arrow model covers 45, 90 and 135 degree welding angles The protractor model covers 30, 45

  • Description: and manufactures electron beam welders, tooling and related accessories. We assist with the design and engineering of components that require welding. A few minutes spent with one of our technical staff during the design stage of your project could avoid some serious headaches later

    • Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Steel - Stainless, Exotic Metals
    • Services: Design Assistance, High Volume Production, Low to Mid Volume Production, Other
    • Regional Preference: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only

  • Description: specializes in turnkey field construction of process systems in industrial applications. Our capabilities include the fabrication and installation of process and utility piping, certified welding, and equipment setting. Our staff of experienced Project Managers has the expertise to manage a wide range

    • Arc / Resistance Welding: Flux Cored Arc (FCAW), MIG (GMAW), Orbital / Tube Arc Welding, Plasma Arc, Resistance - Flash / Upset Butt, Resistance - Projection, Resistance - Seam, Resistance - Spot, Stick (SMAW), Stud / Nut Welding, Submerged Arc, TIG (GTAW)
    • Surfacing / Surface Repair: Hardfacing
    • Additional Services: Design Assistance, CAD / CAM Support, Pressure Vessel Fabrication, Piping Fabrication, Field Welding
    • Materials: Aluminum, Cast Iron, Copper, Ornamental Iron, Steel - Stainless, Steel - Structural, Steel - Tool, Exotic Metals

  • Supplier: RobotWorx

    Description: The Panasonic TA-1900WG has the widest work envelope in the TAWERS series. Reaching 1895mm horizontally, this robot provides a high-tech solution for large arc welding projects. The TA-1900WG is capable of fast, precise weldments. Ultra-low spatter is possible with SP-MAG, a revolutionary welding

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  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Wire Splicing and Termination
    been demonstrated to eliminate most, if not all, of these problems. In fact, ultrasonic welding of metals is rapidly becoming the process of choice by informed design and manufacturing engineers. We will explore joining nonferrous metal with ultrasonic energy. Actual applications and operating cost
  • Welding
    as to the materials that can be joined. Diffusion welding is employed primarily to join high-strength materials. In arc welding, an arc between an electrode and the workpiece generates heat. Shielding the molten weld metal from the atmosphere with gases fed in or generated by the weld reaction
  • New "window " of opportunity for e-beam welding
    . These methods use a stream of high-energy electrons to locally heat metals to welding temperatures exceeding 10,000 C. And all need a high vacuum at the beam source. The difference between the three lies downstream of the beam source. Nonvacuum EBW uses large-capacity vacuum pumps and blowers
  • Optimizing the Welding Process (.pdf)
    . variables. In this article we will look. welding a combination of. at the following key stages and. different metals. Figure 1. principles to be considered when. defining the optimum resistance. Metals atoms are naturally attracted to other metal atoms even in different parent. welding process
  • When to Use Friction Welding
    times for parts. And these lead times are continuing to expand. When to Use Friction Welding | Join Dissimilar Materials, Metals, Alloys | Cleaner Weld, Stronger Weld. Home. Case Studies on Friction Welding. * Friction Welding Process. * Friction Welding Services. * Similar or Dissimilar
  • The Friction Welding Advantage
    . Cost Reductions One of the most significant benefits of friction welding is reduced hard and soft costs. This process requires no fluxes, filler metals or gases. Raw material costs are decreased by using expensive materials only where necessary and replacing the rest with low-cost alternatives
  • Welding Stainless Steel and Inconel
    SYNRAD's sealed CO2 lasers are used in a variety of industrial processes including cutting, welding, drilling, and marking. This news brief showcases some of the interesting materials and products that are processed daily by Synrad's line of CO2 lasers and marking heads. Low Density Polyethylene
  • The Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Process
    Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding is a semi-automatic ARC welding process. However, with CD welding small diameter fasteners (1/4" and under) are sometimes welded to extremely thin gauge parent metal. Which with any other form of welding would distort the opposite surface, but not with CD Stud