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  • Beta NOx 2000 TM Turnkey System Controls NOx Emissions at National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab
    The National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab (NSCL) at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, constructed a new chemical milling facility to achieve the desired quality required for their Niobium RF cavities surfaces which are critical to NSCL experiments in nuclear physics. Initial
  • MICRO: 'Round The Circuit
    also provides data for determining absolute concentrations and temperatures. Researchers from NIST's physics lab and the Applied Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences have built a prototype that detects fluorocarbon species in a trifluoromethane plasma. The scientists intend to modify
  • Why Measure Conductivity?
    Fresh water from municipal water systems or private wells contains a certain amount of dissolved solids. Some of these solids break down into electrically charged ions in their aqueous state. The classic physics lab example is common table salt (NaCl), which reduces to a positive sodium ion (Na
  • Wired 12.04: The God Particle and the Grid
    The God Particle and the Grid The physics lab that brought you the Web is reinventing the Internet. Get ready for the atom-smashing, supercomputing, 5-gigabits-per-second Grid Economy. , a proton does 17-mile laps at nearly the speed of light. Guided by powerful magnets, it zooms through a narrow
  • Computer Power User Article - Q&A With Jerry Bautista
    of your areas? Yes, we ve got a number of graphics researchers. Jim Hurley is in our lab. They re looking at things such as physics and artificial intelligence for gaming. CPU: Jim, how could graphics move to the CPU? We think that ray tracing is going to take off. This is a technique where you
  • Making Light Barriers Insensitive to Sunlight
    The light barrier is in itself a relatively simple construction. Most of us are probably familiar with it from our physics lessons or from electronics kits, where the apparatus consists of a light source, usually in the form of a light bulb or LED, and a receiver element, mostly a light-dependent
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) to begin terrestrial digital TV broadcasting in December. Harvard lab explores molecular electronics Chemistry, physics and nanoscale electronics are being blended to create novel biomedical devices at Harvard University's Department of Chemistry and Chemical biology.
  • Magnetism, Radiation, and Relativity
    of introductory physics texts. Specifically, Purcell in his book used relativity to essentially derive the existence of magnetic forces and of electromagnetic radiation. His approach brings these subjects to life in a way that doesn't require a lot of math. After a few introductory comments and disclaimers, I'll

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