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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
M22-00 Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Optoelectronics SOCKET UNIT W/OUT VOLT REDUCTION
A16-T1-2S Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Switches VOLTAGE REDUCTION SW UNIT
M22-00 National Microchip Omron Electronics Inc-IA Div Not Provided SOCKET UNIT W/OUT VOLT REDUCTION
SV30031 Radwell Klockner Moeller Not Provided BUSBAR SUPPORT REDUCTION UNIT
SV30031 Radwell Moeller Electric Not Provided BUSBAR SUPPORT REDUCTION UNIT
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  • Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction of TPM, PM2.5, and SO2 From Natural Gas and Fuel Oil Fired Boiler Exhausts (.pdf)
    pollutants. In addition, direct contact condensing heat recovery units (which are wet scrubbers designed for heat recovery applications) can simultaneously provide significant end of pipe reduction in total particulate matter (TPM), PM2.5, and SO2 emissions. This paper describes a verification program
  • Progress in the Reduction of Inductance in the Standard 100 kV Energy Storage Capacitor
    capacitors; for example Maxwell Type C capacitors, which are now manufactured by General Atomics Energy Products, a part of Sorrento Electronics, and units from Aerovox. The effects leading to imprecision in inductance measurements will be noted. The inductance of existing designs will be compared
  • Lower Unit Cost Success Story
    Despite successful continuous improvement programs resulting in reduced manufacturing-related product costs, this global leader of high-volume medical devices was not satisfied. They needed capacity increase and were looking for a "step-change" in cost reduction. The company advised us
  • Power Plant SCR Units and Ammonia Safety Measures
    Selectrive Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems will be installed on 100,000 MW of U.S. coal-fired generating capacity by 2004. SCR investment for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) control will be the largest for any control strategy implemented to date. Many oil and gas-fired generating stations, industrial
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    attractive to device companies, " says company president and CEO Tom Brackett. Other benefits of this technology include a size reduction in the unit and the capability to use smaller reagent and sample volumes. "By doing away with components such as tubing and fittings and locating flow paths inside
  • Definite and Special-Purpose Motors
    of a gear-reduction unit with an integral or flange-mounted rotor. The main advantage of a gearmotor is that the driving shaft may be coupled directly to the driven shaft. Belts, pulleys, chains, or additional gearing to step down motor speed are not needed. Also, coupling or belting of a motor
  • White Paper: Achieving Energy-Efficient Data Center Cooling - Does Reducing Fan Speed Always Result in Energy Savings
    unit. will save energy. Indeed, as fan speed is reduced, the motor power reduces by a cube relationship. For. example, a 20 percent reduction in air volume results in an approximate 50 percent power reduction. of the fan motor. But that is only part of the story. This technical note demonstrates
  • New Universal Drive Sets Turnaround Records
    means significant cost reduction without sacrificing quality.

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  • Economics and the Interpretation and Application of U.S. and E.U. Antitrust Law investment opportunity by raising prices) must exceed (4) the loss it imposes on them by reducing the profit-yields of their pre existing projects in the whole post-induced-investment period by lowering prices and reducing unit sales (increasing the options...
  • Innovations and the Environment
    Relation between unit costs and scale of emissions reduction Unit costs in €/kg, scale in tonne per year, n number of source technology combinations scale classes .
  • Mechanism Design for Sustainability
    Mechanism Design for Allocation of Carbon Emission Reduction Units : A Study of Global Companies with Strategic Divisions and Partners..
  • The Kyoto Protocol in the EU
    Emission Reduction Unit ET .
  • Scientific Section
    ...trial (transfusion requirements in pediatric intensive care units, tripicu, isrctn37246456) carried out in university-affiliated picus. patients were randomized to a restrictive (≤70 g/l) or liberal (≤95 g/l) trans- fusion strategy (using only pre-storage leukocyte- reduced units ) and not according to...
  • Administrative Operations
    AT is performed 1-2 times per month with diluted antisera to maintain an inventory of 32-48 O + and 32 A+, leukocyte- reduced units screened for anti-E, -K, -c, -Fya , & -Jka .
  • Emissions Trading and Business
    x Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Tradable emission rights originating from Clean Development Mechanism projects in developing nations x Emission Reduction Unit (ERU) Emission rights originating from Joint Implementation projects between industrial countries x Removal Unit (RMU) Emission rights originating from absorption of...
  • Greenidge Multi-Pollutant Control Project
    The tests on May 19-22, 2008, were designed to generate additional information about the performance of the multi-pollutant control system at reduced unit loads, and in particular, to thoroughly characterize the performance of the NOx control system (i.e., ammonia...