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  • Surfaces That Make a Difference (.pdf)
    turbines. Sulzer Metco provides thermal-barrier coatings that allow higher temperatures, leading to better performance and, as a welcome side effect, to lower emissions. For the power generation industry, the division offers surface technology solutions and services for a broad range of highly critical
  • Selecting Metallic Mirror Coatings
    care during handling and cleaning. The surface of a bare gold or aluminum coating should never be touched. A dielectric overcoat on a metallic coating allows for handling of the component, improves the durability of the coating and provides protection from oxidation. Isopropyl alcohol or acetone
  • Hard-Coating Removal That s Easy on the Environment
    bond layers, and underlying alloys, surface protection becomes depleted during operation, and coatings must be removed and replaced. Maintenance personnel often rely on acid stripping and grit blasting to remove the tough coatings. Both processes can damage the underlying metal and change part
  • Coatings for Custom Heat Exchangers and Cold Plates
    Custom heat exchangers and cold plates are often coated for corrosion protection or for cosmetic purposes. Chemical conversion coating, anodization, e-coating, and painting are four coating options that will help to minimize corrosion and/or result in a more attractive component. One of the most
  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    devices is parylene, a vacuum-deposited polymer coating. Transparent and flexible, parylene meets the requirements of a USP Class VI plastic and can be applied as a film in layers as thin as 0.1 mil to provide pinhole-free and conformal coating, even on complex surfaces. Traditional conformal
  • Case Study: Drying of Water Based Coatings
    processes and their usage is growing. The printing industry uses these transparent coatings mainly for in-line surface finishing of printed items to achieve a higher gloss, to reduce post-process times or for surface protection. To increase printing speeds, dryers often combine convection (hot air
  • Corrosion Protection Measures - Corrosion Resistant Paints: Surface Finishing Tutorial
    Simply using the previously discussed corrosion resistant metals for structural materials in order to protect from corrosions will quickly become very expensive. Paints are used to protect from electrolytic and chemical corrosions by physically isolating the subject metals by surface coating
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Surface Treatment
    Pictured is a stainless-steel vibratory feeder bowl coated with a self-lubricating thermal spray coating for protection against wear and contamination. Tough, flexible Plasmadize coatings are a true composite of the latest developments in metals, ceramics, polymers, and/or dry lubricants

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