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  • Sensor Sense: Passive Infrared-Motion Sensors
    being sensed. The most common object a PIR sensor detects is the human body, so these sensors find use in automatic light switches, alarm systems, and door openers. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared energy through black-body radiation. This energy is invisible
  • New, more robust RTD temperature sensor
    To prolong the life of marine diesel and gas engines, it's important to monitor and control exhaust gas temperatures - and this requires an accurate temperature sensor. Based on two types of sensor technology, temperature sensors either use a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) with PT100 thin
  • Wiring Guide for Dual Output Vibration and Temperature Sensors
    . for acceleration and temperature, and C -. Temperature signal. If the switch board used for temperature has a. BOV meter, it will indicate the DC voltage of the. powered temperature sensor. The shield must be wired to at least one shield connection point, but it is not. asdf. necessary to connect
  • Applications of the TC62X Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    . Electronic thermal sensors typically generate a voltage that is proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT). This voltage is then compared to a reference voltage to test the temperature limit. A new temperature sensor has been developed, however, that does not require a PTAT voltage. The new sensor
  • Application Circuits of the TC620/TC621Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    The TC620/TC621are solid-state temperature sensors that are easy to program and interface with control equipment. The TC620 senses the temperature internally, while the TC621 uses an external thermistor. The TC620/TC621 data sheet (DS21439) describes how to calculate the correct resistance value
  • Reed Switch Electrical Ratings
    by ACT, but we have over 175 other possible switches for specific application requirements. Reed Switch, Reed Switches - Advanced Control Technology Minneapolis, Minnesota. Home. Custom Sensors. Switches. Controls. About Us. Search. Contact Us. Toll Free: 1-877-800-8820. Email: Reed
  • Handling and Load Precautions when using Reed Switches in various Sensor and Relay Applications (.pdf)
    Many users of Reed Switches for sensor and reed relay applications try to make the sensors and or relays themselves internally. Often however, they do not observe some basic precautions and preventive measures to insure reliable operation of the switch. Below we try to cover the key areas
  • MBS 1350 - The Switch with a Difference
    Automation. Fluid Control. Solenoid Valves. Steam Valves. Bio-mass Valves. Thermostatic Valves. Angle Seat Valves. Pressure Transmitters. Pressure Transmitters. Product by industry. Products by type. Temperature Sensors. Switches. Pressure Switches. Temperature Switches. Industries. Marine. Industrial