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  • Thermodynamics
    The constitutions the energy and material conversions .
  • Energy from biomass
    Silo form and are to vote further so withdrawal amount that a minimum feed of 1,5 m / week (winter) or 2,5 m / week (summer) can be met, in order that the aerobic material conversion mini .
  • Simulation of power stations and wärmetechnischen installations
    Mineralienstoffumwandlungen with ferrous components in the combustion chamber atmosphere (Božić 2002) .
  • Sustainable added value networks
    The image of procedural processes can for example through process simulation systems on base the material conversions to reason lying chemical and physical to take place contexts.
  • Chemistry
    The chemistry needed as science of the material conversion for the reaction equations as exact informations as possible to the material and charge balance (4.1).
  • Basic course climate
    The moon has a radiation budget but neither mass flows nor material conversions .
  • Installation balancing in the energy technique
    Source or depression term The is source or depression term in the rule, an algebraic term which characterizes formation or degradation processes (e.g. through chemical material conversions ).
  • Stoff‐ and energy conversions by procedural processes
    This context finds also its expression Tatsache,daR in that the Fahigkeit of a material system, a reaction, i.e., a material conversion durchzufuhren, through an energetische GroRe namlich the free enthalpy or it can be quantified Gibbssche potential.
  • Vaulters pocket dictionary medicine
    …to degeneration Meltalmylellolzyt m: immature granulocyte preliminary Meltalphalse f: phase of the core division during the mitosis of Meltalphylse f: between Epi- and Diaphyse, bone growth zone Meltalphylsiltisf: inflammation of the Metaphyse of Meltalplalsie f: (reversible) tissue conversion meltalpneulmolnisch adj: in the…
  • Hut, The engineer knowledge
    Material conversion through process engineering.