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  • Hold on to your seat: It's thermoplastic
    underwater adventures and space flights. Polycarbonate seats failed within a few months so designers switched to Kydex 100 thermoformed sheets that sport an 18 ft-lb/in (953 J/m) Notched Izod impact resistance. Kydex thermoplastic sheets are vacuum formed into seats used in SimEx-Iwerks simulator
  • What Are Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)?
    Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a group of rubber-like materials that combine the processing strengths of thermoplastics with the best qualities of thermoset rubbers. As their name suggests, thermoplastics are temperature-sensitive plastics that become soft or even fluid when heated
  • Fast prototypes shaped from sheets
    was hand sculpted. Once the design is approved, it will be used to thermoform developmental parts of Kydex thermoplastic sheet which will undergo further refinements. Panel with structural ribs is thermoformed from Kydex thermoplastic sheet. After forming, it can be trimmed manually or with automated
  • Tests for Thermoplastic Materials Used in the Electrical and Electronic Industries (.pdf)
    The purpose of this report is to give: A summary of the major electrical, flammability standards for thermoplastic materials covering property definition, test description, and significance. Literature data and test results for these major electrical, flammability and heat testing standards
  • Hungry for large parts? Try a composite sandwich
    composite, weighing 40% less than traditional systems, features a high strength-to-weight ratio, good fatigue and impact resistance, and good sound and temperature insulation properties. Here's how the process works. Two engineering thermoplastic sheets are thermoformed into three-dimensional skins
  • Trixell to Fabricate Flat-Panel Digital Detectors for OEMs Thermoplastic Specified for Reusable Petri Dish Bayer Introduces Materials Selection on the World Wide Web Indentec Meets European Hardness Calibration Standard
    information, contact Trixell S.A.S., 460 rue du Pommarin, Z.I. Centr'Alp, F-38430 Moirans, France; phone: +33 476 574000; fax: +33 476 567360. Thermoplastic Specified for Reusable Petri Dish Engineering thermoplastics have replaced steel, aluminium, and glass in a variety of single-use
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Profile and sheet extrusion
    such as co-extrusion of soft and hard polymers, multiple colour extrusion and in-line application of decorative foils or adhesive tapes. Materials. Most common thermoplastic polymers can be used for extrusion and the material choice is dependent on both the performance requirements and on the economic constraints
  • Thermoforming
    Thermoforming is a term used to describe two processes for making products from plastic sheets. In a vacuum-forming process, hot thermoplastic sheets are laid over a mold. A vacuum removes air, drawing the plastic into the cavities of the mold. When the plastic cools, the molded product is removed
  • Vacuum Forming
    Vacuum forming begins with a thermoplastic sheet that is heated to form a drape. This drape is then drawn over or into the mold, assisted by vacuum holes in the mold, to impart the desired shape of the part. A common form of vacuum forming is called Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM
  • ASMT-Lx60 Flexible Light Strip Module Data Sheet (.pdf)
    Flexible Light Strip Module is high performance light tube produced by Avago Technologies, integrating LEDs solution with excellent thermoplastic polyurethane. This Light Strip is an environmentally friendly 'Green Material”, it offers a unique combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical

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