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  • Re: Wiring Harness Conversion - U.S. to European

    I see no problems in picking up the signals at the back of the car, passing each one through a fuse and supplying the socket......you bought LED lights and these will not use much current, that was a great purchase..... Have you obtained a wiring diagram yet or shall I post one. Buy heavy duty...

  • Re: How to Wire an Australian Boat Trailer

    Great so your truck's already wired - You're 1/2 way there :-) Yes it definitely sounds like re-wiring the entire trailer is the best thing to do. I've also pickup a new set of lights if your going to submerging the trailer odds are there not water tight anymore... Do you have you ligh...

  • Re: Wiring Harness Conversion - U.S. to European

    Hi Geir, I'm a bit confused about your wiring code for the European plug. I think it might be a Norwegian spec. I checked my own trailer which is French built and approved by the Spanish transport authorities it coincides with the diagram I picked from http://www.tridenttrailers.com/trailer-wir...

  • Re: How to Wire an Australian Boat Trailer

    Do the following:- Do use proper coloured multicore cable that you would buy from a car parts supplier, not single core, it will rupture in time due to vibration. Make sure all cable runs are away from possible damage areas and are securely held and do not "flap" about. Plastic tubes can make...


    Modularity becomes technically easier to the extent that we can eliminate mechanical and fluid connections between the modules. "Fly by wire" digital controls are beginning to show up in concept prototypes. This would eliminate the need for mechanical connections like steering, transmission...

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