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  • Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers FAQ
    is better then 1%. 3. Can Smart Tweezers be used on a PCB?. Yes, if you know the circuit and understand how it works. It can also be used for voltage measurements in a working circuit to debug it. By measuring a voltage drop on a resistor (resistance value can be also measured using Smart Tweezers
  • Ice Point Calibration
    Measurements shall be made on an apparatus suitable for the characteristic of the component to be measured as follows;. Ice point temperature resistance measurements may be taken using a digital multimeter with an accuracy of +/- .01%.
  • How to Measure Current and Make Power Measurements
    Learn how to measure current using transformers, transducers, and data acquisition devices. See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system. Safely measuring large currents in a laboratory or production setting presents many challenges
  • Measurements on a budget
    . The instrument stimulates a DUT using a square wave generated by a constant current source. An analog/digital converter reads the resulting voltage across the DUT. A digital signal processor performs a Fast Fourier Transform on the sample data to determine the magnitude of the first and third
  • Computer Power User Article - Modding Q&A
    can install a LED inside the hard drive case. Using some small gage wire (between 12 and 20GA), you can solder leads to the 5V power line on your drive to power the light. Use your multimeter to find the drive's power line. You'll need to make sure the voltage provided is sufficient to power
  • Sensitivity Training
    to be at least 10,000 times R . In addition, every connector, switch, and relay contact in series with the voltage source has the potential to produce significant and unstable error voltage VError in the measurement circuit. Good system design and instrument selection will minimize such errors. Using

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