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After 25 years VME is still flourishing. In 1999 Tundra introduced the industry leading UniverseTM, a PCI-to-VME bridge chip. In 2003 the Tundra Tsi148TM PCIx-to-VME Bridge boosted VMEbus bandwidth by eight times with its 2eSST interface. Today VME system designers are considering a number...

...into being, the performance of VME will continue to expand. However, several new products will need to be developed. VITA 41 will require new payload cards, switch cards, and backplanes. The switch cards are the drivers of the fabric with a single slot or dual redundant slots. The payload cards take... PCI. user of the type of installed hardware, identifying either analog. or VME based hardware (without even considering the addi-. inputs and/or outputs along with digital I/O capability. 2. Data/. Control. Sync. Network. I/. E. F. thernet. GB Switch. System Display. T/R Switch. System. Controller...

Following the success of CompactPCI there is now a form factor from a further PICMG standard that has already established itself on the market - Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC), the mutual part of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA. In contrast to the parallel bus systems of VME and CPCI, AdvancedMCs...

There has been considerable progress this year in the VITA 41 VXS (VME Switched Serial) arena, but is VXS to the point that OEMs and system integrators can actually use it in their next-generation system designs? The answer is a resounding "yes," although many of the switched serial fabrics...

Computer Systems' FACE architecture, embody this capability. Using the RACEway Interlink standard, they offer multiprocessor computing supported by multiple software-selectable data paths at full bandwidth.1 The systems are available in both PCI (peripheral component interconnect) and VME form factors...

...operation, two payload slots will communicate via one. Processor. PCIe/. Processor. switch. In the event of that link failing, the path can be switched. PCI-X. SDRAM. SDRAM. to the other port and switch. PCI-X/. VME 2eSST. A typical large system will accommodate up to 18 payloads and. GbE, Serial...

...million in 2002, at a. that adds resistance to. Compound Growth Rate (CAGR) of. shock and vibration. 30%. PC/104 has grown so popular. Regardless of whether a. that there is an independent maga-. PC/104,. STD Bus,. zine that is published bimonthly. CompactPCI, VME Bus, ISA. titled PC/104 Embedded...

...process: 1. Each node on a network is manually configured. RX. RX. (jumper or switch setting) with a unique node ID. TX. TX. 2. Data enters the network when written across the host’s. local bus (PCI, PCIE or VME). 3. When data are written across the local bus to a RFM node,. a data packet is formed...

...board accommodates use in 160mm and 220mm chassis. Elma Bustronic also offers extender boards in VXI, VME, and CompactPCI architectures. Other system accessories include load boards, power interface boards, shelf managers, system/voltage monitors, and more. Copyright © Bustronic Corporation. All rights...

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Fujitsu signs distribution agreement with EPoS Distributor...
VME Application Outsourcing Application Value Assessment Switch Technology Fujitsu Cloud Benefits and Challenges
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Chapter 3 Major Changes for HP-UX 10.10
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Additional Tools VME Services Large Buffer Cache pstat(2) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Interfaces

Name Service Switch, Name Service Switch

Fuji Electric VM1153 - Price, We Stock Used and New!
Transfer Switch / Fuse / Breaker TV and Video Test
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R A D 2 T P 2 T P VME Crate F D D I H U B UNIX Station UNIX Station UNIX Station UNIX Station UNIX Station R A D 2 T P 2 T P VME Crate F D D I H U B

Hera-B DAQ System and its self-healing abilities V.Rybnikov,...
HERA-B experiment 2. DAQ architecture ? Read-out ? Self-healing tools ? Switch ? SLT nodes isolation 3. Run control system 4. Self-healing tools

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