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  • Features of Tooth Surface Contact
    . Fig. 18-1 Two-Plate Mold. SECTION 19 FEATURES OF TOOTH SURFACE CONTACT. Table 19-1. The percentage in Table 19-1 considers only the effective width and. Tooth surface contact is critical to noise, vibration, efficiency, strength, height of teeth. wear and life. To obtain good contact, the designer
  • Heavy Piercing with Plasma
    assign a five-second pierce for a certain metal thickness, but a setup with new consumables might penetrate the plate in less than half the time. After several arc-on hours, though, consumables wear and pierce times increase. Setting a consistent, albeit longer, pierce time helps ensure complete
  • Improved Cooling Tower Maintenance: The Cool, Hard Facts
    , intensifying workloads for commodity gear drives. Lip seals installed on the input and output shafts of these gear drives become susceptible to malfunction (e.g. extreme wear, leakage, gear and bearing breakdown) when they don 't remain well-lubricated. Lubricating these components regularly
  • Medical Device Link .
    . "The main problem with other ultrasonic generators on the market is that their analog components are subject to aging and wear, producing inconsistent weld results, " says executive vice president and general manager Dominic Friederich. "The output signals of our new digital generators, however, can
  • Increasing Reliability through Oil Analysis
    problems such as improper assembly, improper fit, misalignment, imbalance, or other condition. Corrosive wear particles are the result of corrosive fluids such as water or process materials contacting metal surfaces. Armed with facts about dust contamination, water contamination, oil chemistry
  • Trip Dogs and Trip Rails
    with a split-plate clamping mechanism and sensitive, exact adjustment can be effected even with the switch in its actuated state. Trip Rails / Trip Dogs. Trip Rails. Trip Dogs. EUCHNER GmbH + Co. Phone. +49/711/75 97-0. P.O. Box 10 01 52. Fax. +49/711/75 33 16. D- 70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen.
  • Using Alpha Ionization to Optimize Performance of a Spin Station
    . Some wear out in a month and some last nearly a year. A better solution utilizes an alpha ionizer, which makes no physical contact and causes no mechanical issues. It provides service-free operation for a full year and is quick and easy to change. Ionizer Technology - Air ionizers are available
  • BF3202 Gluten Fan Bearing Inspection
    and floating some in the fan side bearing saddle causing the fretting of the fan side surfaces. These surfaces will continue to wear during use and require a complete new bearing assembly for correction. The bearing is performing satisfactorily for now and a new bearing and housing will be ordered

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