Asphalt Road Surfacing Materials Information

Asphalt road surfacing materials include composite materials used to create a smooth surface for roads and airport runways.  All asphalt road materials use asphalt — a naturally-occurring viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum also known as bitumen — as a binder. For example, asphalt concrete consists of mineral aggregate mixed with asphalt, which is then deposited onto the ground and compacted to create a smooth road surface. (Asphalt conrete is often simply referred to as "asphalt" or, in North America, "blacktop.") Chipseal, another type of road material which is used for low-traffic areas, is created by depositing a thin layer stone aggregate onto an asphalt layer, which itself had been deposited on existing pavement.


     asphalt road surfacing materials selection guide      asphalt road surfacing materials selection guide

Comparison of chipseal and asphalt surfaces; compacted asphalt concrete.

Image credit: City of Kent, OH | San Jose Asphalt


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