Carrying Cases and Equipment Cases

The Plastic Forming Company makes semi-custom cases by combining modular exterior molds with interior tooling designed specifically for your application; you get the benefits of a custom package for far less than the mold cost of a complete custom mold. (read more)

Do you need the case interior designed especially for your product? Or perhaps you're looking for a case with every detail engineered to your exact specifications... Whatever your requirements, we'll design the perfect solution. We have lots of options to choose from, so take a look at our different custom cases, or contact us and we'll help you decide.

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Sometimes, the best choice is a fully-custom case where every aspect of the design (sizing, style, and features) are tailored to meet your needs… to create a distinctive case consistent with your brands identity, to fulfill unique technical requirements, or to minimize unit pricing in producing high volumes. (read more)

PFC Stock Cases with die cut foam interiors offer an excellent combination of product protection, design flexibility, and appearance. They provide a quick and affordable solution for a custom package in small quantities. A wide variety of foam materials, colors, and finishes are available to give your product just the right "look and feel." (read more)

Packaging Design Services

The Plastic Forming Company (PFC) offers free of charge part design services whether you are looking for cut foam, custom interior or a complete custom case. They can work from CAD files, part drawings or your actual parts. While consulting with one of their sales staff let them know of any preferences you have and they will formulate your design around those ideas. PFC's most eco... (read more)