Plastic Forming Company, Inc. (The)

Since 1966, The Plastic Forming Company (PFC) has been the innovation leader in the double-wall carrying case industry. Most all of what you see out there in the market started with them, and they continue to be the industry benchmark by continuing to focus only on making the best possible carrying cases.

The Plastic Forming Company is owned entirely by people who work at the company every day. That means that their people are unusually committed to serving each customer's needs on any particular day and in the long run. They appreciate that customer service is a shared responsibility that takes many forms and isn't limited to a particular department. It's in their attitude, or the lack of one. You can see it in how they strive to understand their customers' needs, how they appreciate the critical importance of communicating accurate and timely information to customers and prospective customers, and how they sweat the smallest details.

At PFC, they work shoulder to shoulder with their customers from the start. It does not matter whether the product is a tool set, a portable medical device, a computerized test instrument, or a new invention. And it does not matter whether the customer is a well-established multinational corporation or a lone entrepreneur bringing his or her first product to market. Experience has taught them that their primary goal must be to fully understand their customers’ business and needs. They ask their customers a lot of questions and they listen carefully to their answers. Doing so lets them work with their customers to create unforeseen opportunities and to avoid unanticipated problems.

In the new global economy, The Plastic Forming Company knows that real service means being ready and able to serve anytime, anywhere, and committed to do their level best.

Employee Ownership

In 1989, The Plastic Forming Company created an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, that transferred a significant portion of their Company's ownership to their employees. It was a good decision for them, and it was a great decision for their customers.

An ESOP is not just another employee benefit. It represents real ownership that gives each PFC employee a stake in how well they perform for their customers every day, and especially in the long-run. When you call PFC, you're likely talking to "one of the owners," no matter who you speak with. Both through their ESOP and as individuals, PFC is owned by the people who come to work there every day. They think employee ownership gives them a real competitive advantage. Research clearly shows that employees at ESOP companies are more dedicated and work harder, that they feel better about themselves, their coworkers and their jobs, and that they do a better job serving their customers. That is certainly true at PFC, and they encourage their customers and prospective customers to compare them with their competitors in this regard.

Plastic Forming Company, Inc. (The)

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