CAS DataLoggers - Graph Voltage on the Go with T&D!

CAS DataLoggers and T&D offer the new MCR-4V Graphing Voltage Data Logger, an ideal way to measure and record voltage data for control devices and measurement instruments in electrical circuits, and to record output signals from a variety of sensors and analyzers such as actinometers, anemoscopes and CO2 meters. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - DHL Develops Cold Chain Service Using RFID Tags

Since 2008CAEN RFID has provided the temperature monitoring solution for international freight forwarder DHL. DHL’s pharmaceutical customers asked the company to provide a service to further protect temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and drugs. Read more about this innovative cold chain solution. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Temperature Dataloggers Improve Your Product

Many manufacturers are looking at improving their heat treatment process for long-term energy savings and improved product quality. Using the Grant OQ610 Portable Temperature Data Logger, you can obtain a complete temperature profile.Make sure to callCAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 and learn more! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Accsense WiFi A2-05W Temperature Pod

Do you need to monitor a medical refrigerator or freezer? Accsense introduces the new A2-05W Wireless Temperature Datalogger! This WiFi-enabled version of the bestselling A2-05 Ethernet Temperature Data Logger is a hassle-free way to go wireless and avoid the large cost and trouble of installing wiring in your facility. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Datataker Data Loggers Send HVAC Data over BACnet

For HVAC&R data transfer and building system control over BACnet,CAS DataLoggers offers the Series 3 dataTaker Intelligent Data Loggers. When connected to a BACnet to Modbus gateway, dataTaker dataloggers enable can communicate over BACnet for HVAC verification applications such as energy efficiency, air quality monitoring and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - World-Class Medical Temperature Monitoring!

Regulatory pressures are increasing in the healthcare and life science industries following several well-publicized storage unit failures. TheAccsense Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring Kitis the ideal solution for vaccine monitoring in hospitals, clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities around the world. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Energy Audit Kit Identifies Savings Areas

To cut high energy costs, businesses and organizations are installing energy management systems and performing energy audits. For affordable energy auditing and verification CAS DataLoggers offers the EC-7VAR Three-phase Power & Energy Datalogger Kit which has everything you need to get started. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Go Digital with Paperless Chart Recorders!

While many industries rely on paper chart recorders to document temperature data or other values, it’s getting more difficult to get service and replacement parts. The Brainchild VR-06 Paperless Chart Recorderis an ideal replacement for older paper chart recorders. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Thermocouple Data Loggers Communicate over WiFi

CAS DataLoggers offers the next generation of low-cost temperature recording: the new WiFi Thermocouple Temperature Data Loggers from Lascar. Now you can view real time temperature data using Lascar’s FREE Cloud storage service. Give CAS DataLoggers a call today at (800) 956-4437 and see for yourself! (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Differential Pressure Monitoring of Surgery Rooms

In surgeries and other sensitive areas in hospitals and clinics, it’s vital to protect patients and staff from infectious diseases by maintaining a negative air pressure in the room. For automated pressure monitoring and alarming CAS DataLoggers offers the Accsense Wireless Environmental Data Logger, incredibly cost effectivefor general purpose, continual press... (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New MadgeTech High-Temperature Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers and MadgeTech are proud to introduce a wide range of new high temperature data loggers and accessories! Several new products are now available for your high temperature applications including: (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - T&D Temperature Data Loggers for HACCP Compliance

Soon food manufacturers and restaurants will need to comply with theupcoming FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). T&D Temperature Data Loggers send out email alarms the moment your freezer fails and also automatically send temperature data directly to your PC for HACCP compliance. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - CAS DataLoggers Offers Temperature Calibration

Temperature calibration is necessary for Sensors and Dataloggers in many industries and applications to ensure certified measurements in line with regulatory demands. At CAS DataLoggers we offer in-house temperature calibration service to customers in medical temperature monitoring, life science and laboratory applications. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - Delphin Offers Portable Mobile Measurement System

CAS DataLoggers and Delphin Technology jointly introduce the latest in mobile data acquisition--the new Expert Key 100 M mobile measuring and monitoring system. This compact device is equipped with 14 universal analog and 8 digital inputs in a robust measurement case. The new 100 M is part of Delphin’s popular Expert Key family of dataloggers (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - RFID Temperature Tracking Proves Best Practices

In the Food & Beverage industry, shipping companies need a quick way to prove to vendors that product temperatures stayed within safe ranges at every link of the cold chain. NowCAS DataLoggers offers an inexpensive way to prove your product’s quality with CAEN RFID’s new Easy2log© Temperature Data Loggers. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - ADwin Bundles Innovative Visualization Software

CAS DataLoggersand Jager announce that ADwin data acquisition and control systems will be packaging and supporting a new and innovative visualization software. Specifically designed for test engineers, Kallisté provides visualization for data acquisition, test bench supervision, and more. (read more)

CAS DataLoggers - New Graphic Screen Thermocouple Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar introduce the new EasyLog GFX-TC Thermocouple Data Logger for a wide variety of temperature recording applications. Featuring a Graphic LCD showing real-time readings, graphs and current status, the logger enables users to navigate using an onscreen menu in the field. (read more)