Service announcements from Farason Corporation

Automated Assembly Equipment

Two components are sorted separately in Farason parts feeders and subsequently assembled on a walking beam carrier system. Assemblies are unloaded and placed into a labeling machine's infeed conveyor (read more)

Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication

Indexing rotary dial system removes filled plastic vials from trays and loads them into the dial. Caps are sorted and pre-started onto the vial and then tightened. A label is printed and applied to the vial with an identification flag. All operations are inspected, rejects are rejected, and finished product is counted and dropped into bags. (read more)

Searching for ideas on how to maximize your production rates or automate a new operation? Look no further. We've provided an example list for integration of robotic and flexible automation systems. Don't see quite what you need? Give us a call. We'll come up with something new. (read more)

Material Handling Automation

Farason specializes in the design and build of custom machinery and systems to perform assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes. We build machines with each customer's specified components to their equipment standards, while also complying with industry-specific regulatory standards. Our experience spans numerous industries and project scopes. (read more)

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