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Category: Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication
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Our business is the genesis, evolution and implementation of ideas to remove health hazardous, repetitive motions; create safer working environments; improve product quality; and boost production rates. Our customers see higher operating efficiencies and increased overall net production.

Farason's strength lies in the depth of talented and experienced people we have on our technical team. Many Farason employees have over 25 years technical experience, and are proficient at designing and building a variety of non-robotic automation machines. Several team members are multi-disciplinarians with backgrounds in mechanical and electrical design and build, along with programming debugging and testing. Farason leverages this wealth of knowledge and hands-on talent to create automation machines and systems that suit each customer's anomalous situation.

Essential to our success is the intimate alliance formed between Farason and our clients, providing a fluid communication channel for exchange of all pertinent information and data that may ultimately effect the project.

Farason takes a holistic approach to our customers' needs by incorporating their engineering, management, quality, mechanical, electric and operator input throughout project development. It is this approach that brings clients back to Farason time and time again.

When evaluating companies for any automation project, but more importantly with custom automation, your comfort and trust with the company you select should play an important role in your decision.

Food for thought: There are plenty of great ideas. Managed development of a great idea through sound designs, comprehensive prototype tests, and quality manufacturing is the real key to the successful outcome of an automation project. It's even better when accomplished in a way that makes the process easier for our customers. A well-known axiom sums it up: "Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who put them into action are priceless."

Farason Corporation

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