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Switching Power Supply 1200 Watt

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Acopian Power Supplies - Line and load regulation of ±0.05%, and typical ripple of 15 mVrms, are indicative of the high performance of these power supplies. LED indicators signal normal operation and overvoltage protection latchup. Input has EMI filter and inrush protection. Their outputs may be inhibited with a TTL level.



Voltage: 90-132 VAC, 49-61 Hz, single phase.

Startup Time: 400 mS maximum (250 mS typical).

Undervoltage: An input of less than 90 VAC (180 VAC with "-230" option) will not damage power supply.


Load Regulation: ±0.05%

Line Regulation: ±0.05%

Polarity: Output is floating and may be used in either polarity.

Drift: ±0.1% maximum over 8 hours, after 30 minute warmup.

Temperature Coefficient: ±0.02%/°C (Typical).

Holdup Time: 33 mS minimum (At nominal input voltage, with full load).

Transient Response: 300 uS to return to ±1% of output setting.

Maximum of ±3% output excursion following a load step change from 50% to 100%.

Remote Sensing: Compensates up to 0.5 volt drop per output line, within the limits of the output voltage adjustment range.

Overload/Short Circuit Protection: Foldback current limiting with automatic recovery.

Overvoltage Protection: Latches power supply OFF, reset by momentarily removing AC input power. Red indicator lights to indicate latchup.

Output Inhibit: Applying between +2 and +30 Vdc to the inhibit terminal will disable the supply (TTL compatible).


Thermal Protection: Thermostat, self-resetting

Efficiency: See Output specs. (Typical, at nominal input voltage, with full load.)

Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 to +71°C.

Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C.

Cooling: Forced-air cooled (ball bearing fan); air enters back of power supply and exits from front.

Switching Frequency: 55 kHz (Typical).