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Dual Voltage Comparator for Enhanced Circuits

Featured Product from Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

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The ALD2301 by Advance Linear Devices is a monolithic high-performance dual voltage comparator. It can operate with a single (+5V) or dual (±5V) power supply, and the input voltage range includes ground. The open-drain configuration of the outputs allows for maximum application flexibility, such as wired-OR connection, and the outputs can be connected to a higher external voltage than V+.

This device can be used in a variety of applications, including high source impedance voltage comparison circuits, dual limit window comparators, power supply voltage monitors, photo-detector sensor circuits, relay or LED drivers, oscillators, battery-operated instruments, and remote signal detection.

With a very high typical input impedance of 1012? and low input bias current of 10pA, the ALD2301 eliminates source impedance effects, making it ideal for low-level signal detection with high source impedance. Its fast response time of 300ns and low power dissipation of 55µA per comparator further enhance its performance. The device operates with a single (+5V) or dual (±5V) power supply, and the input voltage range includes ground.

This device offers a fanout of 30LS TTL loads, low supply current of 110µA typical, and is functionally equivalent to LM193 industry-standard comparators. Its compatibility with CMOS, NMOS, and TTL makes it an even more versatile solution for many different types of circuits.

Available now at Digi-Key and Mouser in 8-pin SOIC (ALD2301SAL) and 8-pin Plastic DIP (ALD2301PAL) packages starting at $7.89 each per 100.